Saturday, 31 March 2012

Benefit B.right! Moisture Prep Toning Lotion

Today's post is one which i have been meaning to do for so long!This product is one of my regular products within my daily routines and i just can not get enough of it!

A while back Benefit changed their whole skincare line of products to the b.right! range and this is the first of which i purchased in full size (i did purchase smaller sized travel set of products).

Benefit's website says about this product-
This special step for extra radiant skin. The moisture prep toning lotion smoothes, revitalizes & tones to allow the skin to fully optimize the maximum benefits of any moisturizer. Skin is hydrated, creating a soft, supple surface ready to absorb moisture. Contains natural meadowsweet & oat, botanical extracts known to purify & smooth the skin, reducing fine lines. This specialized formula also includes a blend of aloe & yeast extracts, known to clarify and sooth the skin'

My thoughts:
Firstly i have to say one of the things i really love about this product and in fact the whole range is the beautiful packaging!It is so cute and girly and looks lovely on the dressing table!I an a bit of a geek and also kept the box it came in as it is gorgeous too!It's also really nice that all the Benefit skincare packaging matches as before the b.right! change each had their own individual style.

The other main point which i love about this product is the scent!It is so fresh and not at all overpowing!I personally think it smells of cucumber but have heard others say that it smells of melon!I personally have no problem with skincare products that have scents as long as they aren't too strong,which this product certainly is not,however i do realise that some people who suffer with sensitive skin may have this concern so i would say to try to head to a counter and check it out before you buy this product just to make sure you're okay with it.

It isn't a common occurance to agree wholely with a company's product statement but in this case i do completely!The product makes my skin feel soft and supple and really hydrated which is a massive bonus as i suffer with dry skin. It is also incredibly cooling which is so nice if you are feeling hot or if you need to freshen up your skin!
Benefit state that this product allows for better benfits of your moisturiser if you use it beforehand,which in my opinion is pretty hard to determine if it is entirely true,but as far as i am concerned as the product has so many other benefits it is worth a go to see if it also makes a difference to the results from my moisturiser improves.

To use this product i use a cotton wool pad which i pour a small amount of the product on and then dab into my skin as this is what the lovely benefit lady at the counter recommended i do.This makes the product incredibly quick and easy to use which is alway a thumbs up!

Overall i have had such brilliant results from using this product. It is a real staple of my routine and i can honestly say i use it everyday! I do think it has had particularly good results as i have dry skin which this product effectively works to sole,but i am unsure if you would necessarily see such good reaults if you have oily skin.
The one negative of this
product is the price which is £23.50! It is an investment product,however i would say that when i have used it you need a really small amount to do the job so it lasts for ages. If you suffer from dry skin like myself or you are looking a way to refresh your skin i would definitely recommend giving this a go!

Have you tried out this range?Does the price of some skincare products put you off?
As always let me know your thoughts!
Love Kristina x


  1. Oo I really want to try this out! I especially love the bottle, kind of reminds me of a potion :) xx

  2. I've been meaning to try this out for so long, I love Benefit's packaging on their products. Thanks for writing such a fabulous review on it!
    xx, Kels

    1. oh thankyou! The packagaing really is lovely you should definitely try this product out!xx

  3. Lovely post hun. I'm always a little skeptical when makeup brands branch out into skin care but this sounds like a lovely toner.

    1. yes me too! this really is brilliant though! xx

  4. Yeah, I don't mind spending a certain amount if I know the product I'm getting will be well worth the investment. I'm glad you like it. I've used many Benefit products, but not this one yet. I believe you may have just convinced me to try out a sample, at least :)

    1. yay i am so glad you liked the look of the product and want to try it out!xx

  5. I have SO many Benefit products it's unreal, I own nearly everything from this range.
    Because it works wonders for my oil and spot-prone skin. I use the eye cream and the triple action moisturiser daily, the make-up remover as well, along with the Foamingly Clean and the Facial Polish! The cleanser here is the next one on my list and it's no surprise to me how it got a positive review from you!
    If you're interested in any of the other products from that range check some of my reviews out, although I can tell you now; they are all worth it. I'm a Benefit whore!

    Devon xx

    1. oh brilliant i will check them out now! So glad you liked the post hun! xx