Saturday, 31 March 2012

Benefit B.right! Moisture Prep Toning Lotion

Today's post is one which i have been meaning to do for so long!This product is one of my regular products within my daily routines and i just can not get enough of it!

A while back Benefit changed their whole skincare line of products to the b.right! range and this is the first of which i purchased in full size (i did purchase smaller sized travel set of products).

Benefit's website says about this product-
This special step for extra radiant skin. The moisture prep toning lotion smoothes, revitalizes & tones to allow the skin to fully optimize the maximum benefits of any moisturizer. Skin is hydrated, creating a soft, supple surface ready to absorb moisture. Contains natural meadowsweet & oat, botanical extracts known to purify & smooth the skin, reducing fine lines. This specialized formula also includes a blend of aloe & yeast extracts, known to clarify and sooth the skin'

My thoughts:
Firstly i have to say one of the things i really love about this product and in fact the whole range is the beautiful packaging!It is so cute and girly and looks lovely on the dressing table!I an a bit of a geek and also kept the box it came in as it is gorgeous too!It's also really nice that all the Benefit skincare packaging matches as before the b.right! change each had their own individual style.

The other main point which i love about this product is the scent!It is so fresh and not at all overpowing!I personally think it smells of cucumber but have heard others say that it smells of melon!I personally have no problem with skincare products that have scents as long as they aren't too strong,which this product certainly is not,however i do realise that some people who suffer with sensitive skin may have this concern so i would say to try to head to a counter and check it out before you buy this product just to make sure you're okay with it.

It isn't a common occurance to agree wholely with a company's product statement but in this case i do completely!The product makes my skin feel soft and supple and really hydrated which is a massive bonus as i suffer with dry skin. It is also incredibly cooling which is so nice if you are feeling hot or if you need to freshen up your skin!
Benefit state that this product allows for better benfits of your moisturiser if you use it beforehand,which in my opinion is pretty hard to determine if it is entirely true,but as far as i am concerned as the product has so many other benefits it is worth a go to see if it also makes a difference to the results from my moisturiser improves.

To use this product i use a cotton wool pad which i pour a small amount of the product on and then dab into my skin as this is what the lovely benefit lady at the counter recommended i do.This makes the product incredibly quick and easy to use which is alway a thumbs up!

Overall i have had such brilliant results from using this product. It is a real staple of my routine and i can honestly say i use it everyday! I do think it has had particularly good results as i have dry skin which this product effectively works to sole,but i am unsure if you would necessarily see such good reaults if you have oily skin.
The one negative of this
product is the price which is £23.50! It is an investment product,however i would say that when i have used it you need a really small amount to do the job so it lasts for ages. If you suffer from dry skin like myself or you are looking a way to refresh your skin i would definitely recommend giving this a go!

Have you tried out this range?Does the price of some skincare products put you off?
As always let me know your thoughts!
Love Kristina x

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

NOTD-Going Dotty!

Hello everyone!
I haven't done one of these posts in a while so thought i would show you these lovely dotty nails that i have become slightly obsessed with doing!
I have to admit that these are in no way perfect,i am pretty awful at nail art in general,but if you're like me and are after something quick and easy to achieve i think you may like these!

The first i completed was the blue/purple dots which originally i did the trend of a different coloured ring finger ,which i really enjoy doing,but decided to spruce it up a bit and add some dots too! The shades i used for this look were from Gosh and Nails Inc,however unfortunately as i am at home i don't have the colours on me to give the exact names of the shades (if you really would like to know i will find out asap for you-just leave a comment below letting me know!) but in theory you could do this with any colours you wish!

The next style i did was using the colour from Max Factor called Onyx which is a gorgeous glossy black and used the two Nicki Minaj for OPI shades called "did it on em" and "Pink Friday" which add such a pop of colour and look so vivid on top of the black base!

If you were wondering how i created the dots,i simply dotted straight from the polish using the brushes provided!i know this isn't very technical and probably didn't give me the best dots but i don't have the patience to be fiddly and spend ages making each dot perfect! The looks still came out well and it definitely got some compliments as people noticed them!

Will you be trying this look?How good are you doing nail art?What styles would you like to see me attempt next?

As always let me know your thoughts!
Love Kristina x

Monday, 26 March 2012

Want To Get To Know Me?

Hello Everyone!

As i am heading home and hopefully will be able to test out some new products and do some new posts on them when i get back,i thought it would be fun in the meantime to do a quick Q & A style post so you could get a better understanding of who i am and what style and type of products i like! I asked my lovely followers on twitter to ask some questions and they sent some to me-i have added all their twitter accounts and where possible their blog addresses so you can go check them out they are amazing people!!

Q1. What got you interested in beauty?
A- i have got to be completely honest when i was younger i really did not understand the whole fuss of the beauty industry!However as soon as i got to college and became more independant i absolutely fell in love with looking at beauty promo pics and shopping for products that were mentioned in them or used in them!Those images completely made me obsessed with beauty!

Q2. What is your favourite hair product?
A-I think i mentioned this product quickly before,but i absolutely LOVE the V05 miracle concentrate!It has worked wonders on my hair and leaves it looking and feeling sleek,smooth and glossy!Great product which lasts absolutely ages even regularly using it and really cheap at around the £4 mark!

Q3. What inspired you to start your blog?
A- my biggest inspiration has to be other bloggers!for the last year or so i have become addicted to reading other people's blogs!I don't think a day goes by where i don't read at least one!As some of you may know,i am in the last year of university and i have quite a bit of free time and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use my love of beauty products in a productive mannor especially as i absolutely love reading other people's blogs!

Q4. How do you wear your hair-straight or curly?
A-my natural hair is wavy which in all honestly is not particularly nice,it has no particular look haha!On a day to day basis i tend to wear my hair straight,i try to save wearing my hair curly for nights out and special occassions!

Q5. Fake tan or no tan?
A-From some of my pictures you may be able to tell that i have very pale skin!so for me personally i tend to just wear fake tan on nights out,i don't feel comfortable wearing it on a daily basis,and in all honestly i actually quite like being pale!But i absolutely think fake tan can look fabulous on people!

Q6. What is a beauty trick someone has taught you?
A- using a small amount of washing up liquid on your hair when washing it, if you are finding your hair is getting greasy from product build up is definitely a top tip!I do not recommend at all doing this often but using a small amount on the odd ocassion works wonders!It leaves hair feeling lovely and soft again and stops it getting greasy so quick!

Q7.What is your most treasured make up possession?
A- I know a lot of people have it and it is not something which is overly expensive but it has to be my naked palette by Urban Decay!I use this on a regular basis,it travels everywhere with me and it was a product i wanted for so long so when i finally bought it,it was a great feeling!

Q8. How did you pick your blog name?
A-this is a bit of a funny story!I was talking to a friend about starting a blog and sying how nervous i was about it,and that i didn't know if people were going to like it or myself.My friend turned to me and said 'just be you...' and it sort of stuck in my head and it just went from there really!chessy but true!!

Q9. Where do you see yourself in a year?
A. This is a bit of a tough one as i am not entirely sure!I hope by that point i would have a job relating to my degree (forensic science!) and will still be doing the blog!I hopefully would have moved in with my boyfriend and maybe have a dog (wishing for a pug haha!)

Q10. What products are on my current wishlist?
A. I am going to put up a birthday wishlist hopefully in the next week as i am soon 21! But products i am currently really lusting for are the real techniques brushes, MAC eyeshadow in cranberry, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and the newly released PIXI collection that they collaborated with Disney with!

Here all my lovely twitter followers and their blogs who asked the questions if you would like to check them out (which i highly recommend you should!)

@Brightowngirl -
@foxyuniqueblog -
@Huda_Beauty -
@Pamperedprince -

I hope these have answered a few of your questions and you get a better understanding of me and what i like! I love getting to know you guys to sonlet me know some of your answers!
If you have anymore questions for me please leave a comment and i will answer them!!
Love Kristina x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What's In My Handbag?

Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to firstly let you know that my university dissertation has now been handed in so hopefully i can get back to blogging a lot more often!Thankyou for being so understanding and supportive through the last couple of weeks it means a lot!

Today's post is one i asked on twitter if you would like to see and a lot of people said they would so i am happy to oblige! In the future i could do different ones of these types of posts as for different occasions such as a night out etc i tend to take different items out with me, but this particular post is going to quickly show you the types of products i carry in my bag on a day to day basis!

So in my bag i usually carry:
  • Purse - Old collection from Paul's Boutique
  • A pen
  • IPhone and headphones
  • Perfume- In this case it is Vera Wang Lovestruck (LOVE this perfume!)
  • Hairbrush
  • Hand cream- In this case is the EOS one i was sent in my beauty swap (see here for the post about it)
  • Small bottle of Benefit Posie Tint
  • Lots of lip products!!-here in the pictures are the EOS lipbalm in lemon flavour,MUA love heart lipbalm in the shade "Great Lips" and a motherpucker lipgloss from soap and glory!,
As you can see from the pics i am not a huge fan of carrying round tons of products if i am just out for the day!I much prefer to use a long lasting product especially when it comes to eye makeup as i really don't like having to touch up on the go especially if i am out shopping etc! A hair brush and perfume and hand cream are essentials which i always make sure i have in my bag when i am off out for the day.

Although i don't particularly like to touch up my makeup much if i am just out for the day, i have to admit i am a complete lip product junkie!The products you can see are all the main products i currently have when i go out in the day but i am constantly swapping and changing between my whole collection! I suffer with very dry lips so for me it is really important to keep on top of it and use products which make my lips look lovely again!
Anybody who knows me will know straight away i am addicted to my phone! I couldn't go back to any other type of phone since having an Iphone, it just does absolutely everything i want to do!Absolutely love it and would highly recommend if you are looking for a new phone to consider getting an Iphone!
Finally i have to say about the bag you can see in the pic! It is such a beautiful purple shade and is the perfect spring/summer bag. However, myself and this bag have a bit of a love/hate relationship!I honestly don't know why but i don't use it very often at all, which is a shame really as it is such a nice bag and is such a practical size too! I just end up picking my more neutral or black bags for a day-to-day basis, so i am hoping including this bag in the blogpost will make me realise i should start using it a lot more!( The bag was from Primark by the way, but it was the middle of last year when i bought it so can't give you any more info about price etc-Sorry!)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, i know there isn't many products on show but i am very much a practical person and hate carrying round more than i need! 
Let me know what you carry in your bags too! 
If you have any suggestions on what other blog posts you would like to see or if you would like to see what i carry with me on a night out in my bag (which is rather different to this bag!) Then please leave a comment or contact by email or twitter!
Love Kristina x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Special Message for Mother's Day

This post is for some very special people in my life,my mum and my nanny!
Today is meant to be one of those days in the year when you are supposed to be able to spoil your mum,and i feel incredibly guilty that i can't do that for my own mum as i am away at uni and won't be home
until next week. I thought writing this short post would be a good chance to show my mummy just how much she means to me even though i am miles away!

I can honestly say i don't think i could imagine not having my mum around!I speak to her EVERY day,and to hear her voice each day makes it feel complete,and if i don't speak to her it is like something is missing! She listens to everything i say,from the most serious of conversations to the most boring of chatter and i know she doesn't judge me,look down on me or criticise (much ;)!) To know that no matter what i have somebody in my life that is there for me like that is so special and a bond that is so close is priceless! It says a lot when you can not only call your mum your parent but your friend as well! 

I don't tell her enough,but she is my biggest inspiration,she works damn hard,she has been through hell and back and through it all she manages to stay warm hearted,caring,loving and strong! I can only hope that when i am older i can say that i have those qualities too!

I know i may complain about her moaning,may be unhappy with her decisions and disagree with some of her choices but through it all i still love her whole heartedly and would give up anything and everything just so i can have her around and a part of my life always!
Today is a day when everybody celebrates how special their mothers are,which is wonderful,but i honestly believe in my heart that i have the greatest mum of all! I wouldnt want to ever be without her and nobody could ever compare to her!
She tells me all the time how proud of me she is of the things i may achieve but what she may not realise is how proud of her i am too!
So sorry mum that i could not be there without you today,but know that everyday i will try to show you how priveleged i am to call you my mum! I love you forever and always 'moo'!

I have to also say that not only do i have the greatest mum but the greatest nan in the world! she is my rock!She is there for me throughout everything,supports me no matter what and words can not explain just how important this lady is in my life!There are few people in people's lives that genuinely make you feel special and my nanny is definitely one of those people!I love you so much! 

Love you Always
Kristina xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo's!!

Hello Ladies!
Today's post is a bit of a surprise as i did not realise these products were going to be released in the UK so early,but i walked into my local Superdrug and spotted the display and just knew i had to write a post about them!
They have had rave reviews since they were released in the US as they are being called dupes of the MAC paint pots, as they have the same solid consistency and even the packaging is extremely similar with the black lid and the solid glass base. They also remind me of the Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows which also have a similar consistency and packaging.

I was lucky enough to receive one of these colour tattoo's in my beauty swap box that i posted about a few days ago ( here ) in the shade 'Fierce and Tangy', which is a lovely,vivid orange colour. When i first swatched the colour the first thing i noticed is the fact that the colour was extremely pigmented so only a small amount needs to be used, meaning the product will definitely last a long time! When i swatched it onto my hand, it had a slightly greasy texture but once it dried it turned to more of a softer,powder like consistency,but still kept the glow of the colour which i liked! The colour once applied is easily blended if done quickly, as soon as it dries i kid you not this product just does not budge! i could rub really quite hard over the swatch on my hand and it would not blend or move in the slightest! I do think that this product will last all day without smudging, moving or fading, although i highly doubt anyone would want to keep on a eyeshadow for 24 hours as the lid of the products suggests that it will do! 

There is currently 10 shades in the collection of colour tattoos in the US, but when i was in my local superdrug they only had 6 of the shades on the display. I do think i had seen the display as they were sorting it out as some of the shades did not have products available to buy and one shade called 'Immortal Charcoal' did not even have a tester available!

The colours i was able to swatch were:

'Eternal Gold'- Pure Gold Shade
'On and On Bronze'-Shimmery,Golden/Bronze 
'Turquoise Fever'-Shimmery Sea Blue Colour
'Endless Purple'- Royal Purple
Permanent Taupe-Matt Dark Brown

Here are the swatches: 
In store Artificial Light- 
Clockwise- Permanent Taupe, Eternal Gold,Endless Purple, On and On Bronze and Turquoise Fever

Outside Natural Daylight (Sorry for the terrible picture was on the move!)
Clockwise- Permanent Taupe, Eternal Gold,Endless Purple, On and On Bronze and Turquoise Fever 

First thing i have to mention is that i swatched each of these colours with a few layers and as you can see the colour pay off and pigmentation on some is much better than others! I was slightly disappointed with the purple shade as it was really difficult to get an all over colour, similarly with the Gold! However the standouts have to be the Taupe and the Bronze where the colours are FANTASTIC!

I would use these as all over shade across the eye and as a base if i was doing a smokey eye although you could use them as an eyeliner to as the consistency of the product is solid yet smooth. 

I really was expecting these to be around the £8 mark but i was so shocked to see that they were £4.99!! They also have in boots currently a 3 for 2 offer so if you want to try these head down there quick as i can see these being sellouts!

Overall Thoughts

With the hype surrounding these i really thought i would be blown away the colour tattoos available in store but i was not. It may be because there wasn't a shade available which i particularly wanted, but i do like the idea of  them and the consistency of the product was brilliant. I like that Maybelline have given an affordable version of the paint pots as they aren't necessarily in everybody's price range and the price of £4.99 is brilliant value as you get 4g of product. However, i would say that if you are planning on buying any of these i would suggest swatching them in store first so you can see what the pigmentation is like, as some in my opinion are much better than others!

Sorry to those living outside of the UK as this post is mainly info for those living in Britain but i would love to know if these are available where you live or not and if so will you be buying them if and when they do become available to purchase!

Have you bought any of the colour tattoos? If so what are your thoughts? Would you buy these over say a MAC Paintpot? Let me know your thoughts!!
Love Kristina x

Friday, 16 March 2012

Optibac Probiotics

Hi Guys,
Today's post is a little more of a lifestyle one but none the less i think you're gonna find it interesting (i hope :D!)
I was recently asked to give these Probiotic to try and i have been pleasantly surprised by the results!
As most of you will know the word Probiotic is usually associated with those yogurt style drinks (which i never have particularly liked to be honest!) but the Optibac Probiotics are actually in tablet form which meant for me i could still have whatever breakfast i fancied that morning and just take these alongside it. It made the whole process a lot quicker and easier in my opinion.
Optibac have a large range available of different probiotics to suit your own personal needs, such as "For Bowel Calm" and for " For Daily Immunity" and the ones i was given to try which were " For Daily Wellbeing" 

Optibac's website state that these probiotics are- "For daily wellbeing is an expert formula of 6 different probiotic species such as acidophilus, combined with prebiotics (food for the probiotics to flourish) to help maintain overall digestive health, immunity and energy levels on a daily basis."

Did They Work For Me? - It is difficult to say for definite if my digestive system,immune system and energy levels were increased by the probiotics themselves in just a month (which is how long i have taken these for). However, i haven't been ill at all during that month which would suggest to me that something must be going right   inside me!

The main positive outcome i have actually seen from taking these probiotics is that my skin has appeared much healthier! I have even had people compliment the fact that my skin appears more even and much healthier than it has been!

Overall, i do think that these are a brilliant way to try to incorporate healthy probiotics into your daily regime if,like me, you are not a fan of those drink style versions. The fact they are in tablet form makes the whole taking them procedure quick and easy and i personally have seen some good effects from taking them!

The probiotics for Daily Wellbeing are priced at £10.20 for 60 capsules which i think is a reasonble price for a month's worth of products!

The link where you can buy these probiotics from Optibac's website is : 

The link to where you can find more information about probiotic's and skin health is: 

Let me know if you have tried probiotics before! What were your thoughts? Would you give these a go?
Love Kristina x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Glossybox...The Harrods Edition

Hello everyone!
Sorry it has been so quiet on the blog for the last couple of days!The next week or so is so hectic as my university dissertation is due in so the blog action may be a little slow until it is handed back in but i promise i will be back as usual as soon as it is done! 
Today's post is probably one that has been wrote but hey ho i'm going to do it anyway! I received my Glossybox on Monday and i was so excited as it had been much hyped around the online and blogging community as it was a Harrods collaboration Limited Edition box!

These first pictures show what the box it actually gets posts in looks like and what the box itself looks like as you open it! I have to give Glossybox its due the packaging i think is so sophisticated...i love it! I did read somewhere yesterday that some people thought that the box should have been in the traditional green and gold colours but i actually think it looks nicer in white and will fit into my rooms decor a  lot better!
Once i actually opened the box, however my heart did sink! I just wasn't overly excited at the products in front of me!

These are each of the products i recieved!
Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream- 30 ml  ( value - £5.98)
Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter- 50ml (value- £5.12)

RéVive IntensitéCréme Lustre SPF 30 - 7.00ml (value- £27.42! Full size is £235!!)

Versace Vanitas Perfume- Unknown sample size therefore value unknown!
Lastly i recieved a Lancome Juicy Tube in the shade 93 Toffee R & B- 7ml (value £3.62)

My Thoughts
Looking through all the blog posts i do think i received a better box than some other people. After adding up all the values of each of the products it works out that my box is worth approx £42.14 (minus the perfume sample) which definitely makes the box value for money! However, personally this isn't why i subscribe to the company, i wanted it to be an opportunity to try products which i may would like to try full size and/or there is a lot of hype around the product/brand. I don't feel like this box necessarily gave me that feeling. Yes, all the products are lovely there isn't any i can't stand but do they excite me? No not at all really. I particularly like the shade of the juicy tube, and the scent of the bliss body butter is amazing, but they haven't overwhelmed me really. Also i know a lot of been talking about the anti ageing products and how they are not suited for a younger age range, but i do think you can use them even though you are young, but are they products i would personally pick over other types of products?not really. 
Another point that has to be made is the fact that this box to me in no way shows off Harrods, minus the Révive product they are all available to buy in your local department store. Yes, they are high end brands, but i was hoping this collaboration would be the opportunity to try products that were exclusives to Harrods but sadly this is not the case. I am not really bothered that they aren't full sized, as they are still worth a fair amount of money as samples sizes and none in my box were particularly tiny (Although i am aware this is not the case for other boxes!).
I think Glossybox's main problem with this box was the hype they built around it. They had a fabulous press event for their ambassadors and send them out boxes for free (and gifts- anybody remember the roses they were given at Valentine's?!). I don't think this is in anyway the ambassadors faults, i myself love reading the spoilers on their blogs, but i can see why people who receive boxes which don't compare well to the ambassadors would feel annoyed. I think that Glossybox will need to think about how they go about promoting themselves and the boxes if they want to keep subscribers because from what i can gather a lot of people have not been impressed with this months and previous months boxes, (although i realise this is not the case for everybody.)

I myself have cancelled my subscription, the way i look at it is that i could spend that money on a product which i really would like rather than a box containing products which just seem "okay" to me. Also, the fact that people have received  different types of products ranging in value,meaning that some boxes are worth a lot more than others is completely unacceptable. Everybody pays the same price for the box so why should some people receive less than others ( which i know with this box isn't the case for myself but i do think it is unfair for others!)

What did you receive in your box?Were you pleased ? Have you kept or cancelled your subscription? Would you recommend any other beauty box? And whats your thoughts on Glossybox as a brand?

Love Kristina x

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Beauty Swap-USA Style!

Hello everyone!
This post is so exciting! A few weeks ago i met a lovely go on twitter (twitter link) called Jessie! She lives over in America and we thought it would be really fun if we would do a beauty swap with each other as there are so many brands which are available just over there and vice versa! We sent each other info about what types of products we liked and from that we went shopping for each other, which i absolutely LOVED doing! We both sent each other our surprise packages in the post last week and i was thrilled to see that the postman delivered mine today. 

 I have got to say i was completely blown away when i opened the box. Jessie had made such an effort it was beautifully packaged as can be seen from this photo i took quickly because i was so excited to see the goodies inside!

The first thing i noticed and loved was that she had wrapped everything into little felt like Christmas! As i started to unwrap everything i was completely gobsmacked, i couldn't believe the items Jessie had picked, it was like she knew everything i like and that she had known me forever! I was squealing with excitement as i opened everything i just couldn't believe what i was seeing!

So lets show you what i got :D! 

Isn't it amazing!!
I will be doing individual reviews as i use them all but for now i will show you each of the pieces i received!

First up, the main product i told Jessie i would really like to try was an EOS lipbalm, as i had seen lots of beauty bloggers rave about them and they are near on impossible to find here in the UK and are usually really expensive when you do! To my surprise and my utter excitement Jessie got me 5 of them! I received the Summer Fruits, Lemon, Mint,Honeysuckle and Strawberry Sorbet flavours! The look and smell incredible! 

Next up i received a mini Slatkin candle. The scent is mint chocolate, which i didn't actually tell Jessie but it actually is one of my absolute favourite scents/smells so i was so happy when i unwrapped it! I just want to eat this as it smells so good!

When i told Jessie the things i did and didn't like in products, one of the things i mentioned was that i loved girly and bright colours, so i absolutely loved the next products when i unwrapped these lovely Orly nail varnishes. She sent me the shades " Star Spangled" "Flamingo" and " Show Girl" ( in that order in the photos!)  which are so girly and colours which i would have definitely picked  if i was shopping for myself! I can not wait to try these as i have recently read good things about Orly products in general!

I also mentioned to Jessie that covergirl is a brand which gets mentioned a lot in the UK but is particularly hard to get hold of so she kindly sent me one of their eyeshadow sets! The set is called " Urban Basics" which is a set of gorgeous neutral colours, which is personally the colours i use mostly on my eyes so this set was perfect for me!

In addition to the EOS lip balms that i received Jessie also sent me their hand lotion! I did not realise that they even did this to be honest but it smells so good so i can't wait to try it!

NYX is a brand recently i have heard a lot about especially as a lot of bloggers bought their products at IMATS and i have been looking into purchasing some items from them so i was mega excited to see that Jessie sent me 3 of their products! I received an eye shadow in the shade "skin tight" which is the most perfect golden shimmery shade, a stick blush in the shade " pink poppy" and the product which i am particularly excited about which is the eye shadow base!I haven't heard really anything about this actual product but this type of product in general is something i have been wanting to purchase for a long time so this has come at the perfect time! 

The final two lots of products are the ones which i was most surprised to receive! i can't believe that Jessie went to the effort to send me them it is amazing!
First up is the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow in the shade " Fierce and Tangy" which is a gorgeous orange/golden shade which i think is gonna look so good for a summer eye look or equally god food an eye look for a night out!According to other bloggers these are apparently similar in consistency to the MAC Painpots, although personally i haven't tried these so could not say for sure! These are currently unavailable within the UK so to receive this is so exciting i literally can not wait to use this!

 Lastly and possibly the products which i probably let out the biggest squeal for was not one but two of the brand new Revlon Lip Butters! If you follow me on twitter (Kbeyoutiful) then you know i have been going mad about trying to get some of these from boots but after a bit of a fiasco with their website they are still currently unavailable to buy which left me a little disheartened so imagine my surprise when i opened these! I can not begin to write my excitement to receive these it is so incredible. Jessie kindly sent me two shades, " Strawberry Shortcake" and "Berry Smoothie" which honestly is two of the shades i wanted to buy for myself! The packaging for these are absolutely stunning... So stylish! 

Aren't they all beautiful products! Full reviews to come of all of these! Jessie sent me a lovely letter aswell which i won't show but it was so sweet! I will add a link if to this blog post if Jessie writes a post or a video about what i sent her! I feel so guilty as i don't think my package was nowhere near as exciting as what she sent me so i am so sorry Jessie! She is such a lovely person and the best part about this whole experience is that i feel i genuinely have made a friend through this and she is somebody i can see being very special to me!

I hope you guys liked reading this! I don't want it to come across as bragging in any way because it completely isn't meant to be i am honestly just so excited about it all! 

Have you done a swap before? Would it be something that interests you? What products would you like to recieve!As always let me know!

Love Kristina x

P.s. Jessie's blog address is go check it out!!!!