Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Glossybox...The Harrods Edition

Hello everyone!
Sorry it has been so quiet on the blog for the last couple of days!The next week or so is so hectic as my university dissertation is due in so the blog action may be a little slow until it is handed back in but i promise i will be back as usual as soon as it is done! 
Today's post is probably one that has been wrote but hey ho i'm going to do it anyway! I received my Glossybox on Monday and i was so excited as it had been much hyped around the online and blogging community as it was a Harrods collaboration Limited Edition box!

These first pictures show what the box it actually gets posts in looks like and what the box itself looks like as you open it! I have to give Glossybox its due the packaging i think is so sophisticated...i love it! I did read somewhere yesterday that some people thought that the box should have been in the traditional green and gold colours but i actually think it looks nicer in white and will fit into my rooms decor a  lot better!
Once i actually opened the box, however my heart did sink! I just wasn't overly excited at the products in front of me!

These are each of the products i recieved!
Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream- 30 ml  ( value - £5.98)
Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter- 50ml (value- £5.12)

RéVive IntensitéCréme Lustre SPF 30 - 7.00ml (value- £27.42! Full size is £235!!)

Versace Vanitas Perfume- Unknown sample size therefore value unknown!
Lastly i recieved a Lancome Juicy Tube in the shade 93 Toffee R & B- 7ml (value £3.62)

My Thoughts
Looking through all the blog posts i do think i received a better box than some other people. After adding up all the values of each of the products it works out that my box is worth approx £42.14 (minus the perfume sample) which definitely makes the box value for money! However, personally this isn't why i subscribe to the company, i wanted it to be an opportunity to try products which i may would like to try full size and/or there is a lot of hype around the product/brand. I don't feel like this box necessarily gave me that feeling. Yes, all the products are lovely there isn't any i can't stand but do they excite me? No not at all really. I particularly like the shade of the juicy tube, and the scent of the bliss body butter is amazing, but they haven't overwhelmed me really. Also i know a lot of been talking about the anti ageing products and how they are not suited for a younger age range, but i do think you can use them even though you are young, but are they products i would personally pick over other types of products?not really. 
Another point that has to be made is the fact that this box to me in no way shows off Harrods, minus the Révive product they are all available to buy in your local department store. Yes, they are high end brands, but i was hoping this collaboration would be the opportunity to try products that were exclusives to Harrods but sadly this is not the case. I am not really bothered that they aren't full sized, as they are still worth a fair amount of money as samples sizes and none in my box were particularly tiny (Although i am aware this is not the case for other boxes!).
I think Glossybox's main problem with this box was the hype they built around it. They had a fabulous press event for their ambassadors and send them out boxes for free (and gifts- anybody remember the roses they were given at Valentine's?!). I don't think this is in anyway the ambassadors faults, i myself love reading the spoilers on their blogs, but i can see why people who receive boxes which don't compare well to the ambassadors would feel annoyed. I think that Glossybox will need to think about how they go about promoting themselves and the boxes if they want to keep subscribers because from what i can gather a lot of people have not been impressed with this months and previous months boxes, (although i realise this is not the case for everybody.)

I myself have cancelled my subscription, the way i look at it is that i could spend that money on a product which i really would like rather than a box containing products which just seem "okay" to me. Also, the fact that people have received  different types of products ranging in value,meaning that some boxes are worth a lot more than others is completely unacceptable. Everybody pays the same price for the box so why should some people receive less than others ( which i know with this box isn't the case for myself but i do think it is unfair for others!)

What did you receive in your box?Were you pleased ? Have you kept or cancelled your subscription? Would you recommend any other beauty box? And whats your thoughts on Glossybox as a brand?

Love Kristina x


  1. I have never personally used glossybox, since im not old enough to subscribe:p however i'm thinking of getting the carmine box, only as a gift for one month, i've herd that has better reviews? You should check it out? However im sure your new 17 products will keep you happy for a while! :')

    1. The carmine does look good! i only hope they don't end up like glossybox and start out on a high and end up going downhill!! xx

  2. Love reading this post, agree withevery thing you have said. I got the exact same box as you, I was so disappointed when I oped mine. I just felt all that hype for this! I have prefered other boxes with no hype much more.
    I kind of feel like its false advertising becuase you look at the amabasdors boxes and think you are getting what they get but you really dont.

    I cancelled my subscription to. Just getting bored of the creams and shower gels I was getting every month


    1. Yes i agree! The hype around the box built it up to be so much more! I have heard about people talking about complaining to Glossybox about the possible false advertising which people think is going on, so it will be interesting to see how Glossybox respond!


  3. I totally agree with what you've said. I've also done a review on my glossybox on my blog. Check it out if you want :)
    I haven't cancelled my subscription... yet. I'm going to give them another month to 'wow' me. If they fail, I'll be taking your advice, I'll cancel, and spend £12.95 a month on a product I want. I don't think I'll subscribe to another beauty box. I tried Carmine for one month and the packaging is hideous, the products were OK but not worth the price in my opinion xxx

    1. I wasn't too keen on the carmine box packaging either!!
      Let me know how you get on with glossybox!

  4. I've never subscribed to this, or any other monthly beauty box thing with the exception of Birchbox, but I cancelled that after the first box. Sorry you weren't overly excited about these products. None of them would be something I'd be particularly excited for either. By the way, good luck on the dissertation! :)

    1. I wonder if birchbox will come to the UK like Glossybox has now gone abroad?
      Thankyou for the support!!xx

  5. I was subscribed to Birchbox, which is the same thing as Glossybox but here in the states (which you probably already know!!) and I was so disappointed I unsubscribed from them. You would think, more people being subscribed to their services, would mean better stuff to be included in the box, because more companies would want to be included. Nope.

    Well, anyway! Good luck with everything in school!

    1. Yes i agree it seems the more subscribers the companies get the less great the boxes become!! xx