Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipsticks-Shades 16 and 03

These lipsticks have been on my radar for a while now to pick up from town,so when i looked at my advantage cards deal in Boots and saw i had vouchers for £2 off any lipstick in store i knew i had to pick some up.
The two shades I decided to purchase were shade 16 which is a yellow based coral pink and shade 03 which is a gorgeous neutral brown shade.

The collection is based on lipsticks which have been designed by Kate Moss and myself being a skeptic was worried that the quality of the product wouldn't be as good which i find is the case for many celebrity endorsed products but oh i was wrong! I absolutely love everything about these lipsticks!
The packaging is stylish with a sleek black design with Kate Moss's signature on it which is in varying colours.

The quality of these lipsticks is also brilliant,with both of the shades being extremely pigmented,which can be seen from the swatch below. Also, the lipsticks have a lovely creamy texture once applied to the lips which reminds me of the consistency of MAC cremesheen lipsticks,with both types leaving your lips feeling smooth and nourished.
The lasting power of these lipsticks isn't the longest,with each shade staying on the lips for around 3-4 hours,so if you are after a long lasting lipstick these may not be your first choice,but if this is not the case then for the price these lipsticks are brilliant!
The final aspect which i really love about these products is the taste!It reminds me of a cherry coke,with the taste being quite sweet and somewhat artificial,but even with this being the case i really love it. I don't know myself personally if this is the case with all
Rimmel lipsticks or just this collection as i haven't actually tried any other lipsticks from this brand,but if it is,then please let me know.
I know there are many people who do not like flavoured lip products,so i am warning you that if this is the case for yourself then these lipsticks may not be right for you.

Overall a really brilliant high street/drugstore product which i have been really impressed by!I will hopefully try to pick up some more from the collection soon! (i currently my eye on the shade 20 which is a bright barbie pink!)

These lipsticks are priced at around £5.50 and are available in Boots and Superdrug. (In Boots currently they are priced at £3.99!)

Have you tried these lipsticks before?Would you buy a product simply for the celebrity endorsement?
Love Kristina x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pamper Pack

Hello Everyone!
This post is all about the Montagne Jeunesse new travel pack of goodies which i was kindly sent by the brand to road test. 

The set is a booklet containing sachets of a number of different products which as the name suggests have been put together in this set for people on the go or are off travelling. 

The pack contains:
1 x Skin Smoother (10g)
1 x Passion Peel Off Masque (10ml)
2 x Body Wash (15 ml each)
1 x Foot Cooler (10ml)
1 x Intensive Spa Hair Masque (15ml) 

I have to say the packaging containing each of these sachets which is a booklet style is a brilliant idea and definitely suits the travel theme which this product is targeted at. By containing the sachets neatly away allows the owner to pack them both securely and easily within their luggage. In addition, the small and compact packaging means that it won't take up a large amount of room within the individuals luggage. 

The range of products within the set are particularly good as they have all major areas covered,meaning the individual taking this set away with them does not have to worry about a large number of different full size products with them. I personally do always take a larger shower gel and shampoo/conditioner with me when i travel as i tend to use a large amounts of each,but for a weekend away this set would be perfect.

Both the masque and the scrub are nice addition to the set as they are both products i personally don't generally pack when i am travelling if i am taking full size or even travel size products away. However as they are in the pack alongside other typical travel products i would definitely make use of them and would allow me to have a pamper session while away

My personal highlight of this set is definitely the foot cooler. While away on holiday i suffer badly with becoming overheated and can often start to feel bad from being too hot. This product is brilliant as once applied it leaves your feet feeling really cool and fresh. I wish this product would be available in full size which it currently isn't , however having it in a sachet that i can travel with is really handy as i can use it on the go and apply it if the situation arises that i feel that i need to cool down.

Overall although there are some products in this set which aren't neccessarily products i would think of taking away with me travelling, i think there are some real gems within the set and definitely worth purchasing if you are going away travelling. It is a set which is really practical and handy for packing and also allows the owner not to have to take away lots of different bottles of products away with them. 

The set is available from the Montagne Jeunesse website for £5.00 which i think is a reasonable price for the variety and number of products you recieve within the set.

Love Kristina x

I have to say that I have always said that no matter if i purchase a product with my own money or if i am sent it, that each and every review will be honest and all my own opinion, which is the case with this review also.

Friday, 1 June 2012


Hello everyone!
Just a quick heads up about an amazing freebie available with this months issue of Marie Claire magazine. As many of you may already know they are currently giving away a free full size bottle of Ciate nail polish with each copy of the magazine which is a brilliant bargain as each bottle of polish usually retails for £9 and the magazine is just £3.90!
This months Marie Claire Cover!

There are 3 shades available to choose from (or pick up all 3 like i did!) which are bon bon (nude grey/purple), Purple Sherbet (lilac) and Jelly Bean (Bright blue based fushia).
Aren't they beautiful?!

If you are interested in picking up these i would suggest you do so quickly as these types of deals have a habit of selling out quickly!
I am yet to try my bottles as i just bought them yesterday but i will of course let you know what i think of them as i test them out.

Let me which,if any, you pick up and also your thoughts on Ciate polishes in general as this will be my first time trying them!

Love Kristina x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Today's post is all about the much hyped foundation by Bourjois, called Healthy Mix. This review is of the original version of this foundation, as there is also a Healthy Mix Serum foundation which i am yet to try (if you have any thoughts/ reviews please link them below or leave a comment!).

This foundation was one i decided to try as the blogging community seemed to me to give it such positive reviews and comments a good alternative foundation to more high end brands such as MAC and Chanel. I have to say straight away that i absolutely agree with them! 

The shade i picked up is 51 which is also called Light Vanilla which is the lightest shade available and there are 7 other shades available in the range, which although this isn't the greatest amount of choice, it is definitely more than available with other foundations. Shade 51 is a brilliant shade for girls like myself which are particularly pale and it doesn't have the orangey undertones which is a massive bug bear for me when trying to find a foundation for my pale complexion.

The foundation itself is contained within a bottle which is a pump action which makes it really easy to use the product and i use roughly two pumps to cover my face, but this does vary slightly as to how much coverage i feel i need on the day. 

The first thing i noticed and loved is the scent of the foundation!I know there are people out there that really dislike scented makeup especially those who have sensitive skin, so if this is the case for you i would say that maybe this foundation is not going to be right for you. However, I actually quite enjoy scented products (as long as they smell nice of course!) and really enjoyed the scent of this foundation as it's really fruity and fresh.

The coverage that this foundation i would say is a medium one which is buildable if you do prefer a fuller coverage. Also, i personally tend to use a real techniques buffing brush to apply the foundation which blends it in beautifully and evenly but i have also tried it with a regular foundation brush and also with my fingers and both work well. 

The bourjois website states 'Bourjois' 1st radiance-boosting fruit therapy foundation for a flawless complexion for up to 16hrs!'  
I do agree that it does give a really gorgeous glowy skin, flawless look, however i do not believe this foundation would last 16 hours. It is fairly long lasting, as i can go 6-7 hours without topping up, but if i do require to last for longer i do need to give it a freshen up so if the reason you are considering this foundation is for it to be long wearing, i would mpossibly reconsider as i do believe there are others out there which last longer than this.

Overall i do think this is a fantastic foundation which  i have found that i am using on a regular basis as it has a brilliant coverage and the shade i have is a good match for my skintone. I love that this foundation gives a dewy, radiant finish as i have dry skin so it makes my skin look so much healthier (no pun intended with the name, it just is the perfect word to describe the look!). I can't say for certain if this would work for those of you which have oily skin and prefer a matte finish as this foundation certainly is not that. The wear of this foundation is pretty good, however as i said for anyone who is after a foundation which is really long wearing, this may not be the one for you.

The BEST part of this foundation has got to be the price! In the UK it is priced at £9.99 which is absolutely fantastic as the results achieved with this foundation most definitely in my opinions rivals some of the high end brands! I will most definitely be repurchasing this when mine runs out ( although i have had mine for over a month and it shows no sign of running out any time soon!)

Have you tried this foundation? What results did you achieve? 
Please as always let me know your thoughts and also please leave comments/links if you have tried or reviewed the serum version of this foundation!
Love Kristina x

Monday, 28 May 2012

A Much Needed Apology..

Hello Everyone,
As many have you have noticed,the blog has been particularly quiet and few updates/posts have been uploaded. I feel incredibly guilty that i have let things slide on here and not given you amazing followers and readers new material. As of this week i have officially finished university,which has both been stressful and somewhat upsetting. Finally finishing university meant that the last couple of weeks i have not put as much time into the blog as i have been both busy completing uni work and packing but also spending quality time with the friends i have made there.
Now back at home i will be able to put the time and effort into the blog as much as i would like again and i am very excited to be able to do so.
Once again i apologise whole geartedly that i have been quiet both on the blog and on twitter (Kbbeyoutiful) and i hope you can understand the reason why i have been.
If you have any requests for anythj g you would like to see on the blog PLEASE contact me or leave a comment and let me know!

Love you all!
Thankyou for your ongoing support!
Kristina x

Friday, 18 May 2012

Best/Worst Soap and Glory Products

I have been for the longest time been a massive fan of the brand Soap and Glory. I love the branding of the whole range and I think that over the years as the brand has become more popular, they keep getting better. I personally have products which i repeat purchase and i absolutely love, but through trying out the range there has also been the odd occasion where i just have not enjoyed a few of their products. I thought i would give you a quick overview of both my personal favourite/least favourite products from the brand.
 As a bit of a warning, these will not be full reviews of the products, just a quick thought of what i think of the product and the results i achieved while using them. I also will let you know that in this post although i will be discussing products i have disliked, it is no way meant to be offensive to the brand, i just feel it is better to be honest about the thoughts of the products and be honest with you readers. Please bear in mind that although i may have brilliant or bad results with a product, each person using it will achieve different results, so something that might not work for me,may do for you and vice versa. So lets begin....


First up i have to mention my absolute favourite Soap and Glory product which is the AMAZING body butter called " The Righteous Butter". This product sinks in so quickly, leaves my skin so smooth and the scent is incredible. I love using this product both in the day when my skin is feeling dry and putting a thicker layer on at night and letting it sink in while i sleep. I can not recommend this product enough and it is one which i will repurchase over and over again!

Next up, and a close contender for my absolute favourite product is "The Breakfast Scrub". This is a body scrub which again smells absolutely incredible. It has the scent of porridge/banana and i could just eat it (although i highly recommend you don't actually do that!) If like me, you suffer with dry skin, then this is THE product i would recommend as the large granular/scrub piece size means you really can make your skin smooth, without it being too abrasive. Also with this and the righteous butter, the pots the product comes in are fairly large so the product lasts for a long time....bonus!

Sticking with the body products, another favourite of mine has to be the shower gels. I haven't yet found a scent/type of shower gel by Soap and Glory which i haven't enjoyed. I particularly like that they are super foaming, smell amazing ( you may start to see that the scent of the products are a major positive with a lot of Soap and Glory products!) and also they do not dry my skin out at all. They nearly all come in 500ml size bottles with a pump meaning they are really easy to use and last a long time. I could not recommend these enough!

Lastly in my best products list has to be "Scrub Your Nose In It", which is a scrub and a mask. I use this on my t-zone area as i suffer with large pores, and both using this product as a scrub or a mask in this area has left the pores both smaller and clearer. I actually also enjoy the scent of this product, which is different to all the other Soap and Glory products as it is a mint smelling product. I just think if you are like me and are often in a rush this product is brilliant as it is such a multi-tasker!

This section was particularly difficult to decide on as there have been so few Soap and Glory products which have really disappointed me, but the next three products are ones i found did not produce good results.

First up is "Clean Mary" which is described as a cleansing milk. I personally just did not get on with this product, as it is so watery and in a liquid state it is particularly difficult to use quickly,i did not enjoy the scent and it did not leave my skin feeling clean. I personally prefer cleansers which are slightly richer and a thicker consistency, so this product is definitely one which i will not be repurchasing.

Next up is a hair care product by the brand called "Glad Hair Day Conditioner". I have to admit this was the first and only hair care product i have used from this range and i was SO disappointed. I have given it multiple attempts of using it and each time my hair did not feel conditioned and it did not leave my hair looking glossy or smooth which i expect from a conditioner. Will not be repurchasing this product as there were so little positive results achieved .

Last up is a Soap and Glory product which i have a complete love/hate relationship with! The "Sexy Motherpucker" Lipglosses are the first cosmetic product i used by the brand. I have to admit i was completely drawn to buy it when i saw the name of the product...So funny! The shades are lovely and they do look fantastic on the lips once applied, but the problem i have with these is are that they are SO sticky! They are tacky both to apply and once on the lips which completely puts me off using them which is so disappointing. Also another aspect of these are they have a strong tingling sensation once applied, which personally i do not mind but i am aware that this is something that may put others off. I just feel that for the price (approx £9) i could purchase a gloss which i enjoy using more.

So there we go guys! As i said this is in no way offensive to the brand as i really enjoy using the majority of their products! Also really sorry about using images from the brands website, i am finishing university this week so the majority of my products are boxed up so i could not photo them, but i really did want to do this post!

I really would like to hear your thoughts on the products i have mentioned and also the products from Soap and Glory which you have used and liked or disliked! Please comment below and let me know!

Love Kristina x

Monday, 14 May 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Hero Masks


Today's post is all about the new range of Montagne Jeunesse face masks. I have regularly used their face masks since i was a teen and had good results so i was intrigued to try the new range and see what they were like too!

The range consists of:
- T-Zone Peel Off
- Shine Control
- Dry Skin Mask
- Break Out Mask
- De Clog Pores Nose Strips

I think firstly the fact the range now consists of masks which specifically targets particular skin care needs is great as i know many people can be wary of generic skin care products as they don't target specifically their needs. I personally have dry skin so the dry skin mask is the one in which i recieved the best results, with refreshed and smooth skin, whereas the others had less decent results, but this is because my skin do not necessarily have the problems in which they are targeting.

The nasal pore strips which are also in the range are brilliant if you do sufffer with visible pores on your nose. As the pack has 3 strips within the set both myself and my friend tried them and as i suffer badly in this area with pores, i found the results from using the strips were fantastic, whereas my friend found they did not produce much change for her. However, she doesn't particularly suffer with visible pores so i think this is a product which really justs benefits individuals which regard visible pores a problem area wothin their skincare.

Something else which is fairly unique to these products are that the sachets are split into two sections. One contains the mask itself, and the other contains a complimentary moisturiser which i found gave the extra boost to make the skin feel refreshed.

The products come in individual sachets, which means they are handy for travelling and storage. A particualr use which i think is lovely is to have a set of these for girls sleepovers/ parties! Also, the products are all suitable for vegetarians and the brand do try to use as many natural products as possible which means they are suitable for anybody which have particular requirements for products to be suitable for vegetarians!

I have to admit i am a complete sucker for high end brands and luxurious skincare, so i am always wary of less expensive brands, but i honestly did enjoy using these and although they are not neccessarily practical for regular use as they are in single sachets, i would definitely use them again as they are affordable and would be useful for travelling.

The Skin Heroes range is available in the UK at ASDA.
For more info about the Montagne Jeunesse range check out their website:

Have you tried these or any products from this brand?Or are you a die hard high end brand fan?
As usual let me know your thought!!

Love Kristina x

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent these for reviewing purposes, but that in no way at all changes my thoughts on the brand/ products. As always i will be honest with my opinions!