Monday, 5 March 2012

Stripping Off...

Hello Everyone!
Don't be worrying about the topic of this post by the name haha! This is all about the Deborah Lippman 'Stripper To Go' nail lacquer removal mitt that i recieved in my december Glossybox. I have been wanting to use this for a while but i really wanted to put it to the test and not use just a regular nail varnish. Last week i painted my nails in Revlons gorgeous and much hyped shade 'facets of fuschia',a black based nail colour which the most amazing chunky fuschia glitter incorporated into it ( available here).However after a few days it started to look rather shabby and so i decided that this was the perfect chance to give the mitt a try.

The mitts themselves are packaged in individual sachets and are typically available in a box of 6,but as i recieved this in my Glossybox i had just one. The packaging itself is a pretty blue colour and tears open to reveal a single white finger mitt.
The mitt is lavender scented and saturated in nail lacquer remover which makes the mitt feel fairly damp to the touch. A bug bear i initially encountered with the mitt was that on the packaging it doesn't actually describe how to use it,although it does seem fairly obvious,i did not know if you were meant to leave it on and then wipe away or rub it while having the mitt on. I decided to let it soak for a bit and then wipe the varnish away.
I was really hoping this was going to be brilliant and solve the annoying problem of trying to remove glitter nail varnish which usually takes forever to do but alas it did not!
I literally managed one and a half nails before it would not remove any more polish at all! I tried it on all my other nails and nothing budged!I know glitter nail varnish is a pain but i really was expecting more!Especially as a lot of Deborah Lippmans most famous and much loved nail lacquers (which by the way i am a massive fan of!) are glitter colours!

I ended up having to take the rest of it off with cotton pads and nail varnish remover. I think it is such a shame it didn't work for me as its a brilliant concept and i love the brand! I don't know if it was maybe i was using it wrong of if my one was dodgy although it seemed fine!
If i am using it wrong please let me know! I do have one more to use as i recieved two glossyboxes so i can give it one more go!

The stripper to go pack of 6 is available in House of Fraser (here) priced at £14 (which i personally think is very expensive!)

Have you used these before?What is your impression of them?Would you pay £14 for a pack of these?Let me know!
Love Kristina x

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