Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cliniques Free Mascara Giveaway!

Today's blog offering is about Clinque's high impact mascara which i managed to get for free! This is not a full size product (7ml) but it is still a respectable 3.5 ml 3 which is roughly worth about £8!! The choice was between this and the Clinique higher lengths mascara, but i decided to choose this one as the lady at the counter said that this was the better of the two to achieve fuller lashes which is what i personally prefer. 
To claim the mascara in the UK, all you have to do is take any full size mascara from any brand down to a Clinique counter, fill out a form will basic personal details (name, age, etc) and they will swap your mascara for the deluxe sample! It's as simple as that :D!This has got to be one of the best offers i have heard of in a while! I only found out today though that this promotion is only running until tomorrow, or until stocks last so head down fast! 

I have had the mascara now for about a week and have used it in the day and for nights out and it is brilliant! i am usually a bit fussy with mascara as i like it to make my lashes look well defined and full which this mascara achieves well! In addition, it does build nicely when you put a few layers of it on!I have realised from using other mascaras that they do act their best when they are first used and some don't produce the same results as time goes on, so it will be a case of time will tell if this mascara still produces good results after being open for a while! 
Natural Eye (Sorry Poor Picture!)
1 coat of the Mascara!
I don't think i would have necessarily tried this product myself by chance so it is great that Clinique have created an opportunity to test it for free! Would i buy this product again- possibly yes! The one downside is the price which is £16.00 when there are a lot of high street brands which produce similar results, but i do think this would be a brilliant treat purchase or a gift!

Did you manage to get this deal? What are your thoughts on the product? Would you buy the full size?
Love Kristina xj

Monday, 30 January 2012


To be honest i was a little bit worried about doing this, feeling rather self concious of myself and what people might say about how i look etc but i feel it is something i would like to do as part of my blog so here goes : 

I am wearing :- 
L'oreal True Match foundation in Ivory - Bought from here
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in number 2- Bought from here
Benefit Hoola Bronzer - Available from here
Blink and Go blusher (swirled together) compact 2 - recieved in glossybox but available here
Blink and Go eyeshadow in Khaki from compact 2 - same link as above
Benefit eyebright stick in lower waterlinne - available here
Clinique High Impact Mascara in black - free with swap (blogpost to come soon!) -full size available here
Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker lipgloss in candy gloss - Part of set but available here
Bare Minerals original mineral veil - part of set but available here

Really bare and natural look today as i was only going to Uni!Hope you guys like it!
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think (please don't be too harsh :D!) or if you have any questions about the products used!
Love Kristina x

MAC Viva Glam II

Mac Viva Glam collections and their advertisement campaigns have become somewhat iconic in the beauty industry,with famous stars from Lady Gaga,Christina Aguilera,Eve and Cindi Lauper all taking part over the years.Viva Glam as many of you will know is the charity set up in 1994 by MAC to raise money for the millions of people around the world affected by aids.MAC create collections of their world famous lipglass and lipsticks for Viva Glam and every penny spent on them (minus tax) goes directly to the charity! 
After reading about the charity and the sheer amount the viva glam campaigns have made for it,i knew i wanted my first piece of MAC makeup to be a viva glam one! I was excited to travel up to Manchester for the first time a few weeks ago and made a stop by selfridges and the MAC counter and looked at the number of different viva glam lipsticks they had on offer.I was instantly drawn however to Viva Glam II! 

Sorry for the poor shape of my bullet, forgot to snap it before i started using it!

Viva Glam II is a stunning creamy nude brown shade, which is one of MAC's satin lipstick formulations. It has brilliant colour payoff and i find personally its pigmented enough to give me a full on nude lip but not opaque and drying to the point where it looks like you have foundation on your lips! I do think this lipstick will suit a vast number of people,i myself was worried about it not looking right on me as i am so pale but it has easily become my favourite lipstick! Plus knowing the £13.50 pricetag i paid for it is mainly going to a good cause makes me feel better! 
Myself wearing Viva Glam II

Colour up close in sunlight!

Have you tried a viva glam product?which is your favourite? 
Love Kristina x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hair Problem Series-Hairspray

I will begin by saying i have the most annoying hair ever! As you may have seen in my profile picture i have dark brown hair which is fairly long and i also have a full fringe. The biggest problem i have is that i get really dry mid length to end hair which can make my hair look quite flyaway or fluffy but i can really quickly get oily roots! Especially with my fringe i find that i am getting really oily roots which i feel makes my hair look unclean when it is not the case!
 The problem is even worse when i try to use products on my hair so these series of posts are goimg to be about trying to find a hair routine and hair products which suit my hair and not make the problems better not worse!
First up is the new Pantene PRO-V hairspray which is the Ultra Strong Hold in the 'Smooth and Sleek'range. I bought this party because i have tried Pantene products in the past and had some fairly decent results and partly because the student that i am saw it was on offer at half price (this offer is no longer available :-( ) but the product is available here at £2.99 which is still a decent price. 

I chose the ultra hold as i need a hairspray that will last on nights out as when i curl/straighten my hair it fairly easily looses its shape! The biggest worry with hairspray is that it will weigh my hair down and make it look greasy, but so far i have had absolutely no such problems! The product itself i find comes out in such a fine mist that it doesn't over power your hair with product and means you can spray a decent amount without having your hair have the typical crispy look that some hairsprays tend to give! 

Please note-if you have used or seen this product before and you are thinking that it doesn't look familiar it is because Pantene have just had a makeover! All their products have had their packaging redesigned which i personally love.I think they look really sleek!

Have you got any hair product recommendations? Do you suffer with similar problems?
Let me know any of your thoughts and advice :D!
Love Kristina x

Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hi Girls!
This topic of product is one which gains a lot of blog post space in the blogging community and that is hot cloth cleansers! A number of well known blogs rave about such products and the results they achieved and the brand which receives the majority of these compliments is Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I personally have been wanting to try a hot cloth cleanser as i am  prone to dry skin and have heard that they are particularly good at balancing out this type of problem. However, after inquiring online about the Liz Earle cleanser it quickly came apparent that unless someone bought it as a gift there was no way i could afford to regularly buy this product as it retails for around the £12-13 mark. 
Shortly after this after reading online i stumbled upon the fact that superdrug do their own version of the product in their vitamin E skin care line. I checked their website (here) and saw the price was £5.99 i knew i had to have it! 
The product itself comes boxed and holds inside a single muslin cloth and a 200ml bottle of  the cleanser ( as can be seen below) 
The Products
The product itself is a thick,white cream which i apply to you face without any water (at least once a day- at night to take my makeup off, but often i do it in the morning aswell!). You then massage in circular motions all across your face for at least a minute. By this point the cream tends to go clear,and when i am wearing makeup i can actually see the makeup melting into it! After this, you take the muslin cloth and rinse it in hot (not boiling!) water and use this to wipe away all the cleanser!
Once i have done this i tend 

The cleanser straight out of the bottle
to cool my face down with some cold water and pat it dry!

I have been using this product for nearly three weeks now and i have personally had great results from it! my skin is a lot smoother,i'm finding i have fewer breakouts and my skin appears less dry! Now because i  have never tried the Liz Earle cleanser so i can not compare, would i like to try that product?- yes, but if like me you are on a budget and would like a more affordable version which can give good results then this superdrug version is definitely worth a go!
Have you tried a hot cloth cleanser before?If so,which one? Did you see any results?
Love Kristina x

NOTD-Nicki Minaj OPI Part 1

The first of many NOTD posts which i will be posting on the blog!
Today's offering comes from the Nicki Minaj OPI collection colours Pink Friday and Metallic for Life! I have briefly spoke about the mini collection which i bought recently which you can read  here
The two colours which i have used in this look are my two personnal favourites of the collection! 'Pink Friday' is a beautiful opaque baby pink,which is super girly and very much a colour i would associate with Nicki Minaj (she was even wearing it in her new video!).The second colour 'Metallic for Life' is a stunning black laquer with chunky silver glitter encorporated into it! This colour was a bit of a suprise as i wouldnt have necessarily associated it with Nicki,but honestly it is an absolutely gorgeous shade! 

The application of both colours were good,however i found that you do have to be careful with Pink Friday as it can end up being slightly streaky! In the photo below i am wearing two fairly thick coats of each colour with one coat of Sally Hansen Instra Dry top coat on top! I would definitely consider buying full sizes of both of these colours!
 What do you think?will you be buying any from the collection?
Love Kristina

Saturday, 28 January 2012

M.A.C. Eyeshadow-Help!

Right ladies i really could do with some advice!
I have purchased a M.A.C. pro palette which can hold 4 eyeshadows (available from mac uk official store or where i ordered mine Debenhams Online ). I wanted it so that i can have a portable palette i can carry eady from home and uni with all the staple day and night neutral colours!however i have not yet bought a MAC eyeshadow before (shocking i know!),so i am slightly unsure of what colours are considered the best/give the best colour pay off/best multitaskers? After a bit of research it seems popular colours are woodwinked,vanilla,all that glitters,but this is where your help is much needed,if you have any recommendations of colours you like or gave had good results with please could you let me know? either contact me via email or directly on this blog or even twitter (username kbbeyoutiful)!
 I am really looking forward to what you suggest!
 Love Kristina x

Nicki Minaj Collaboration with OPI!

After reading the hype around the new collection of OPI nail polishes designed by Nicki Minaj (who happens to be one of my favourite artists!) i knew i had to them out! However at around £10.50 (!) for each full size bottle of polish it looked as if it was a test which i would not be able to afford. 
This all changed after doing a bit of an internet search and discovering that OPI have created a 'mini's' collection consisting of 4 x 3.75  ml bottles with the colours Fly (Teal Blue), Pink Friday (Pastel baby pink),Did it on em ( Bright Yellow/Green) and Metallic for Life (Black with silver glitter).
 I managed to purchase a pack of the mini's off 
which are currently being sold at £12.75 which is a much more purse friendly option!

(From L-R -Did It On Em,Fly,Pink Friday,Metallic For Life)

Individual NOTD posts will be done as i try each of the colours and the consistency of the shades,but to be honest the excitement as i opened the packaging and saw the amazing bright colours has made the £12.75 price tag worth it!

Love Kristina

First Post- An Introduction

  Hello Girls! This is officially my first post!
So excited to be starting this blogging experience and i hope you will enjoy it too! I will be primarily focusing on reviewing samples or full sized products from all different types of brands and also giving you a heads up of any beauty deals occurring or beauty looks which i am loving. It is important to stress that all opinions given on this blog will be completely my own, and will not be swayed or changed by brands or any other outside suggestions! I have found from reading a lot of other beauty blogs that the best reviews and posts are that which are true and honest, which is something i aim to do on this blog!

As mentioned in my profile information i am currently a 3rd year University student so the next few months are going to be hectic times but i will aim to add new posts as often as i can!
If you have any suggestions of products i should try or anything you would like to see please feel free to contact me!
Love Kristina