Monday, 30 April 2012

Real Techniques Brushes!

Hello Everyone!
If you like me are obsessed with the blogging community then you will have probably at somepoint read about these brushes already.

They have been created by the gorgeous Samantha Chapman, who is also one half of the amazing pixiwoo s! If you haven't heard of/checked then out before then you must go see their youtube channel with all their videos and their blog because they are make-up genuises!

The brushes themselves are available in numerous places around the world and within here in the UK they are available both online and in many Boots stores around the country (check out the pixiwoo blog for a full list of boots stores which stock them)

The range has both individual brushes for sale and sets which also come with a handy brush holder/ stand which is so handy! Also each of te brushes has a flat end which means they can stand up on their own, which is not something i have seen with any range of brushes before!
I picked up a mix of these and picked up the core collection set, the blusher brush and the shading brush which is for your eyes.
I am planning to do individual reviews on the brushes as i do have particular favourites but i thought this post would give you a quick overview of the brushes i bought, especially if you are considering buying them.
The brushes have each got colour co ordinated handles, with the colour identifying the area on the face where they are made for. However so many of these brushes i find are multi functional so i wouldn't restrict yourself to simply these specific areas when using them. The brushes themselves are made from taklon fibres ( synthetic) and are all cruelty free (bonus!!).

Without going into too much detail, i will say the brushes are absolutely fantastic quality and definitely value for money!

As i said i will be doing more individual reviews in the next couple of weeks but as usual please let me know what you think of these brushes- have you bought them?what are your thoughts on them?are you considering buying them?

Love Kristina x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner

First off everyone i have to say how sorry i am that i havent been able to blog for a little while now! I have been absolutely stressed and run off my feet with uni, but i have missed so much blogging and chatting to you guys!

Anyway, my last piece of written work is now handed in so hopefully i will be back in the swing of blogging more regularly!

Anyways, this post today is a quick one all about my absoloute new love, gel eyeliner! This one in particular is made by Estee Lauder and is part of their double wear range, which the foundation from this line is incredibly popular in the blogging community!

The eyeliner comes in the most lovely little blue box, so chic! The product itself is held within a small glass pot and a gold coloured lid with simply the Estee Lauder logo on the top,which looks so elegant alongside the rest of my makeup collection.
Inside, the gel eyeliner which i got in the shade Onyx (black) is a smooth, yet solid product.
The consistency is a little strange if you never have tried gel eyeliner before, however it is so smooth and so well pigmented when you apply it!

I currently use a benefit bent eyeliner brush which is particularly good alongside this product, but within the box is also a small little brush which is actually okay to apply the product especially if you do not currently have an eyeliner brush within your collection. (FYI i am absolutely dying to try the new real techniques eyeliner brush soon to be released!)

This product makes applying eyeliner so quick and easy, which is a major plus point as i am an eyeliner obsessive! You can achieve a really brilliant shape as the product is really smooth! Another major positive of this eyeliner is because it is part of the double wear range, it lasts for so long!Honestly i wear this all day long and not once have i had to reapply it (although if i am out at night i am slightly obsessive and will apply it again- even when there is no need really!)

I am absolutely mad about this product, as you may have guessed. from this post, but it is one of those products which has my daily routine so much easier!It's Love!

The eyeliner is priced usually at £14.50, but i managed to pick this up at Cheshire Oaks CCO for £11!

Have you tried gel eyeliner efore?what are your favourites if you have?

Love Kristina x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Japonesque Brushes

This post is about 3 brushes which i have from the brand Japonesque. This brand may not necessarily a brand a lot of people know, but within the makeup industry they are well loved, with make up artists around the world using their brushes and tools.

I recieved from Japonesque 3 brushes from their travel collection, which the brand state are the same quality brushes as their main line of pro brushes, just with shorter handles making easier to travel. The brushes i have are called 'blush brush', 'angled brow definer' and 'smudger brush', with all 3 being made of natural fibres.
The first thing i noticed and absolutely loved about them all is the packagaing. It's fantasically informative, with great descriptions and even an image to show you the best way to use the brush. Also, the quality of the box and the style of the packaging makes the product feel very high end (and what girl doesn't love that!)
Lovely Travel Eyebrow brush!

I have been using all 3 brushes for a little while now and i have thoroughly enjoyed them all. All 3 are super soft but still dense meaning you really can work the product into the area, but in no way aggravates the skin. I particularly love the angled brush as it allows me to fill in my brows, but leaves them still looking natural and not overdone.

The one area of the brushes which in my opinion i would change if i could, would be slightly longer brush handles. It's just my personal preference but i do prefer using brushes with slightly longer handles than these. However, i completely understand these are produced for travel and therefore the shorter handles are perfect for this, and these brushes will be really handy when travelling to and from university. It just means in the future, if i order some more brushes i will get the pro long range, as the quality of brush as previously mentioned will be the same, just with my preference with a longer handle.

I have always believed that if you are willing to spend a lot of money on makeup products, it is always better to have beauty tools and brushes which are a decent enough standard to get the best out of them. That doesn't necessarily mean you need the most expensive, or simply buy ones because it is a well known brand,but fantastic quality brushes can make such a difference in the results you achieve with your makeup!
The brushes i have from Japonesque are a great quality and this particular range is brilliant for those whole frequently travel. I would thoroughly recommend them, and say that although they are not a brand you may have heard of, they are worth investing in.

The gorgeous travel blusher brush!
They are not neccessarily the cheapest brushes available, with the 3 brushes i have ranging from £10.75-£24.00, but the quality of these brushes really do make them a worthwhile investment.

The travel range of brushes are available in the UK in Boots, and also from the Japonesque website.

Have you tried any Japonesque brushes before? What are your thoughts on brush prices?

Love Kristina x

The lovely people at Japonesque kindly sent these brushes for me to try. However this in NO way changes my opinion in the products and i will always be honest and truthful with my followers.
Blusher brush up close
Smudger brush up close

The gorgeous packaging! So Sophisticated
Really handy directions and images on the back of the packaging
All 3 brushes
All 3 Brushes Up Close

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

NOTD- Topshop Sparkles

This is just a quick post to show you a NOTD with the two nail varnishes i picked up from the Topshop store on Oxford Street (Haul from that trip is available to read here).

On the day I bought two nail varnishes,one which is called Hypnotic which is a silver with a pink/blue duochrome effect which is from their recently released 'Sisters of The New Moon' collection and the other colour is called Razzmatazz! This shade is so incredible! It is packed full of holographic and silver glitter!As far as i know from reading other blogs,this is a brand new shade which has just been released and is part of their permanant collection!

Razzmattazz is really difficult to show you just how sparkly it is when the light hits the glitter! It is going to be a great colour for nights out! It does take about 3 coats to reach an opaque style covering, but although i haven't had a chance to try it yet, i think 1 coat over a base coat would look brilliant too!

Hypnotic is a really beautiful duochrome, one which really grows on you the longer you wear it. At first glance when i first applied it i was slightly disappointed and thought it was pretty average, however the more you look at it, you see the varying shades of blue/pink/grey/silver colours which can be seen under different lights. This has easily become one of my favourite shades and i didn't expect it to be at all! The colour is really wearable as it is in no way garish and in your face, but is still interesting enough that people will notice it when you wear it!

As you can see i have used the two colours in the way of where you have your ring finger a different colour to the rest, which i absolutely love doing as it is a subtle and easy way to change up your nail look, especially if you are absolutely awful at nail art like myself!

Hypnotic is part of a limited edition range so make sure you grab it quick!
Razzmatazz is priced at £6 and hypnotic is £6.50
Have you checked out or tried these colours or any other colours from the Topshop range? What types of shades of nail varnish do you like?

Love Kristina x 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

17 cosmetics goodie bag prize!

This is a post i am so excited to write! 
About a month ago now 17 cosmetics (@official17) ran a 'twitter party' where we could all join in and chat about make up and music with each other. It was so much fun and the 17 cosmetics team were extra nice and gave away goodie bags full of products to 10 lucky people who joined in the party... and i was one of them!!i actually couldn't believe it,i literally never win anything! A few of my blogging friends @gazzyxo (Gazzy), @kfh34163 (Katie Howell), @MissTinksBeauty (Ayesha Ahmed) and @LuceeLoves (Lucy Kennnard) all won too! You should definitely check out their blogs too! 
We each recieved an email telling us it would take a few weeks to arrive and that we were to decide what shades of certain products we would like which i did, and earlier this week my parcel arrived and i couldn't be more impressed with it all!
The Amazing Goodie Bag!
As you can see the goodie bag is amazing!It is filled with a variety of different products which means i can try a lot of different aspects of the range which i am really excited to do!
Unfortunately,my blusher did arrive crumbled but that is no fault of 17 cosmetics really, i will depot it and use it like a blusher powder instead :)!

Peep Show Mascara- Black, Perfect Definition Eyeliner- Onyx

Spring Fling Hazy Days Palette and Starry Eyes Eye shadow Trio- Neptune.

Insta Glow Bronzing Powder,Miracle Matt Foundation - Porcelain, 
Photo Flawless Skin Primer, Blush and Glow-Peachy

Berry Crush Lip Stain and Supreme Shine Lipstick-Pink Posey

17 Magnetized Nail Polishes- Lilac, Teal, Gun Metal, Blue

I haven't had the products long enough to really test them out and review them,but i will let you know how i get on with them in a future post!
The photo's below give you a quick overview of the different types of products i recieved!

I would like to say a massive thankyou to 17 cosmetics for picking me as a prizewinner and sending such a fantastic prize!I am so grateful and can not wait to try them all out!

Have you tried any 17 cosmetics products? Let me know what your thoughts on the brand are!
Love Kristina x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Topshop Eyeliner- Coal

Today's post is just a quick review of the Topshop Kohl eyeliner i recently purchased from my trip to London with my sister ( small haul post here)!
I picked up the black shade as i was desperate for a new basic black pencil eyeliner as previous ones have smudged like crazy! Ironically this shade is actually called coal!

I have used this a few times now and i have been rather impressed!Firstly the pigmentation is absolutely fantastic,it is a really pure black shade (which sounds silly but so many black eye products end up having such poor pigmentation!) and secondly the pencil itself is so soft, meaning you do not scratch your eyes or push hard to achieve a good colour!
I personally love using black eyeliner and have tried this on the lid as a base, as a liner on the top and bottom lids and also in the water line and i was pleasantly suprised with the staying power in each use. The bottom liner did smudge the first time i used it,but i used a primer underneath the next time i used it and it didn't budge!

I will definitely be picking up more of these and i hope they will be bringing out more shades!The brown is definitely next on my shopping list to buy!
The only negative i have about this product and also with a lot of the topshop products is the packaging. It is a really pretty pattern and is so lovely at the start with the white and black scheme,but after using it repeatedly for a while the white packaging ends up looking a bit doety. It's not the biggest problem in the world but me being slightly obsessive about my products,it does bother me a little!
Overall i would most definitely recommend picking up one of these to try,as it is brilliant quality,black eyeliner is such a staple product in anybody's make up set and the price is brilliant at just £4 available from the Topshop website here!

Have you tried any of the topshop products before?What is your favourite eyeliner products?
Love Kristina x
Myself wearing the Eyeliner!

More Pics of the Eye pencil! 

My 21st Birthday VLog

As some of you may know this tuesday was my 21st birthday! First off i want to say a massive thankyou to those who wished me a happy birthday it was so sweet and made my birthday amazing! Also a massive thanks to those who followed the blog to help with my target of 21 new followers by my 21st birthday!Although we were a few people short of the goal, i couldn't be thankful enough for every single one of my followers!

I was a very lucky girl and was taken on a day out to London with my mum to pick a birthday present and to have a day out together!
We had a lovely day and wondered around firstly Covent garden, where i picked up a Laduree Macaroon which was so tasty! The shop was so beautiful too as was the whole of the Covent Garden area! We then headed to Leicester Square and Picaddily Circus where we browsed the stores and had some lunch!
We then headed to South Kensington and Knightsbridge where we wandered around the area then headed to Harrods! I always feel like such a kid in a candy store whenever i go there!The store and everything in there is so gorgeous! We bought a few food pieces such as a birthday cake from the food halls, and after looking at the pet area and all the gorgeous designer items, we ended up at the Tiffany's store within Harrod's.
It is here that i ended up picking my birthday present! My mum wanted me to pick something that i could keep forever and i decided on a beautiful and simple silver ring. I chose it as i though it was something that would go with everything and also look good when i was older too! I absolutely love it and am so incredibly grateful to my mum for getting it for me! ( a link to the ring on the Tiffany's website is here!)

I had such a wonderful day, and then we came back and had a jelly and ice cream party with lots of party food (which is a tradition for our family-nearly everyone ends up having one on their birthday!) I didn't actually go out in the evening as i was so tired from the days outing and also because i went out the Saturday for my birthday (OOTN post here).

I recieved some really amazing presents but in no way want to come across as bragging so i won't mention it really on here (unless people specifically ask for it in a comment!) but i just want to say once again thankyou so much to everyone for making my birthday amazing!Love you all!!

Love Kristina xx
Me and My Mummy!
Piccadilly Circus!
Harrods Teddy!
Harrods Cake!

Heading up to regent street!

My crazy family and my birthday cake!     
                                                               Birthday Party food!

Yummy Cupcakes in Harrods!

Laduree Macaroons! So Beautiful!
My bag with my scrummy banana/chocolate macaroon inside!

I had such a brilliant day out!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

OOTN -21st birthday night out!

This post is just a quick one to show you what i wore on my night out on saturday to Yello Bar and Indigo which are both in Windsor! Me and some of my closest girl friends had a fabulous night out to celebrate my upcoming 21st birthday on Tuesday and we had such a good time!
I am in no way a fashion blogger,but i thought some of you might be interested what i decided to wear!

I chose:
Basic black vest- dorothy perkins
White blouse- Primark
Panelled wet look leggings-Miss Selfridge
Shoes- Look Magazine for Office

Earrings- River Island
Bangles - Various Stores
Clutch Bag- Next

I had such a great time, champagne was flowing and we even had cocktails which came in cute buckets! I am going to London for the day on my actual birthday and if you enjoy this style of vlogging/OOTD posts let me know and i will try to do one for that too!

Love Kristina x