Saturday, 17 March 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo's!!

Hello Ladies!
Today's post is a bit of a surprise as i did not realise these products were going to be released in the UK so early,but i walked into my local Superdrug and spotted the display and just knew i had to write a post about them!
They have had rave reviews since they were released in the US as they are being called dupes of the MAC paint pots, as they have the same solid consistency and even the packaging is extremely similar with the black lid and the solid glass base. They also remind me of the Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows which also have a similar consistency and packaging.

I was lucky enough to receive one of these colour tattoo's in my beauty swap box that i posted about a few days ago ( here ) in the shade 'Fierce and Tangy', which is a lovely,vivid orange colour. When i first swatched the colour the first thing i noticed is the fact that the colour was extremely pigmented so only a small amount needs to be used, meaning the product will definitely last a long time! When i swatched it onto my hand, it had a slightly greasy texture but once it dried it turned to more of a softer,powder like consistency,but still kept the glow of the colour which i liked! The colour once applied is easily blended if done quickly, as soon as it dries i kid you not this product just does not budge! i could rub really quite hard over the swatch on my hand and it would not blend or move in the slightest! I do think that this product will last all day without smudging, moving or fading, although i highly doubt anyone would want to keep on a eyeshadow for 24 hours as the lid of the products suggests that it will do! 

There is currently 10 shades in the collection of colour tattoos in the US, but when i was in my local superdrug they only had 6 of the shades on the display. I do think i had seen the display as they were sorting it out as some of the shades did not have products available to buy and one shade called 'Immortal Charcoal' did not even have a tester available!

The colours i was able to swatch were:

'Eternal Gold'- Pure Gold Shade
'On and On Bronze'-Shimmery,Golden/Bronze 
'Turquoise Fever'-Shimmery Sea Blue Colour
'Endless Purple'- Royal Purple
Permanent Taupe-Matt Dark Brown

Here are the swatches: 
In store Artificial Light- 
Clockwise- Permanent Taupe, Eternal Gold,Endless Purple, On and On Bronze and Turquoise Fever

Outside Natural Daylight (Sorry for the terrible picture was on the move!)
Clockwise- Permanent Taupe, Eternal Gold,Endless Purple, On and On Bronze and Turquoise Fever 

First thing i have to mention is that i swatched each of these colours with a few layers and as you can see the colour pay off and pigmentation on some is much better than others! I was slightly disappointed with the purple shade as it was really difficult to get an all over colour, similarly with the Gold! However the standouts have to be the Taupe and the Bronze where the colours are FANTASTIC!

I would use these as all over shade across the eye and as a base if i was doing a smokey eye although you could use them as an eyeliner to as the consistency of the product is solid yet smooth. 

I really was expecting these to be around the £8 mark but i was so shocked to see that they were £4.99!! They also have in boots currently a 3 for 2 offer so if you want to try these head down there quick as i can see these being sellouts!

Overall Thoughts

With the hype surrounding these i really thought i would be blown away the colour tattoos available in store but i was not. It may be because there wasn't a shade available which i particularly wanted, but i do like the idea of  them and the consistency of the product was brilliant. I like that Maybelline have given an affordable version of the paint pots as they aren't necessarily in everybody's price range and the price of £4.99 is brilliant value as you get 4g of product. However, i would say that if you are planning on buying any of these i would suggest swatching them in store first so you can see what the pigmentation is like, as some in my opinion are much better than others!

Sorry to those living outside of the UK as this post is mainly info for those living in Britain but i would love to know if these are available where you live or not and if so will you be buying them if and when they do become available to purchase!

Have you bought any of the colour tattoos? If so what are your thoughts? Would you buy these over say a MAC Paintpot? Let me know your thoughts!!
Love Kristina x


  1. Wooo! I was testing them in shop aswell, and Im so disappointed that there arent all shades! Plus in all superdrugs in Brum,as usual, they are all sold out and when I asked the woman working there, they apparently cant stock them up, saying they only had 3+1 tester from each. Oh, sure you do. Oh well. Great post! Hope they give us the rest of colours too! xx

    1. oh god! That's poor customer service!i was really disappointed that not all the shades were available as the ones i particularly wanted were not there! xx

  2. I want to get the tough as taupe one! Oh and I wish they would bring out a nude shade that is a dupe of MAC's painterly!

  3. Ah my town must be so behind with the times! I went in both of our boots stores and superdrug today and didn't see these in any of them. I really want the bronze one, it's gorgeous but a bit disappointed with the other colours :) xx

    1. I was disapponted with them too to be honest! I can't believe the stores haven't made more of a big deal about them being there! I only noticed them by chance while walking past! xx

  4. I've got tough as taupe, as it applies really easily, looks great and blends nicely but I didn't think it lasted that long (I've only tried it for one day). By the end of the day it'd had faded so much you could barely see it on one eye - but i'll be trying it again!
    and I'll do a review this week................

    1. Let me know how you get on with them!! xxx

  5. looking forward to trying these!

    1. You must let me know how you get on with them!! xx

  6. I'm afraid none of these shades would either work for my skin tone or are colours I like, but the product itself sounds really awesome! The fact that it lasts so long is brilliant, but I can see it being a bit of a waste of time if they become unblendable pretty quickly and the pigmentation leaves something to be desired. Great review, thank you!

  7. Ive heard mixed reviews about these! So I'll defiantly swatch them in the store!

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