Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What's In My Handbag?

Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to firstly let you know that my university dissertation has now been handed in so hopefully i can get back to blogging a lot more often!Thankyou for being so understanding and supportive through the last couple of weeks it means a lot!

Today's post is one i asked on twitter if you would like to see and a lot of people said they would so i am happy to oblige! In the future i could do different ones of these types of posts as for different occasions such as a night out etc i tend to take different items out with me, but this particular post is going to quickly show you the types of products i carry in my bag on a day to day basis!

So in my bag i usually carry:
  • Purse - Old collection from Paul's Boutique
  • A pen
  • IPhone and headphones
  • Perfume- In this case it is Vera Wang Lovestruck (LOVE this perfume!)
  • Hairbrush
  • Hand cream- In this case is the EOS one i was sent in my beauty swap (see here for the post about it)
  • Small bottle of Benefit Posie Tint
  • Lots of lip products!!-here in the pictures are the EOS lipbalm in lemon flavour,MUA love heart lipbalm in the shade "Great Lips" and a motherpucker lipgloss from soap and glory!,
As you can see from the pics i am not a huge fan of carrying round tons of products if i am just out for the day!I much prefer to use a long lasting product especially when it comes to eye makeup as i really don't like having to touch up on the go especially if i am out shopping etc! A hair brush and perfume and hand cream are essentials which i always make sure i have in my bag when i am off out for the day.

Although i don't particularly like to touch up my makeup much if i am just out for the day, i have to admit i am a complete lip product junkie!The products you can see are all the main products i currently have when i go out in the day but i am constantly swapping and changing between my whole collection! I suffer with very dry lips so for me it is really important to keep on top of it and use products which make my lips look lovely again!
Anybody who knows me will know straight away i am addicted to my phone! I couldn't go back to any other type of phone since having an Iphone, it just does absolutely everything i want to do!Absolutely love it and would highly recommend if you are looking for a new phone to consider getting an Iphone!
Finally i have to say about the bag you can see in the pic! It is such a beautiful purple shade and is the perfect spring/summer bag. However, myself and this bag have a bit of a love/hate relationship!I honestly don't know why but i don't use it very often at all, which is a shame really as it is such a nice bag and is such a practical size too! I just end up picking my more neutral or black bags for a day-to-day basis, so i am hoping including this bag in the blogpost will make me realise i should start using it a lot more!( The bag was from Primark by the way, but it was the middle of last year when i bought it so can't give you any more info about price etc-Sorry!)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, i know there isn't many products on show but i am very much a practical person and hate carrying round more than i need! 
Let me know what you carry in your bags too! 
If you have any suggestions on what other blog posts you would like to see or if you would like to see what i carry with me on a night out in my bag (which is rather different to this bag!) Then please leave a comment or contact by email or twitter!
Love Kristina x


  1. I really like this type of post! you should do a post on your favourite all time products? :')

  2. I loved this post! It's very similar to a feature I'm starting on my blog tomorrow where people talk about their must have beauty products, and you obviously have some in your bag all the time. I think more posts like this are great, it shows a bit more of your personality :) Night out bag post would be awesome!

    And the only products I carry in my bag at any given time are vaseline, eyeliner and lipstick - and the eyeliner and lipstick are only in my bag because they live there. I'd forget them on a night out if I didn't keep them in my bag, ha! Great post, thanks!

  3. I tagged you to do the 11 Questions tag on my blog :D x