Thursday, 1 March 2012

Soap and Glory Heel Genius!

Hi Guys!
This product is one of many i recieved in the mahoosive gift set that Soap and Glory released at christmas time,so there are plenty more reviews to come!
Heel Genius is as you may have been able to guess from the name is a foot cream. I have to be completely honest i have never particularly liked foot creams,they either never seem to work or have an artificial minty sort of smell or a combination of the two! They are the type of product i would see in a store and completely ignore and walk past,and as much as i enjoy soap and glory products i would probably have done the exact same with this product!
However as it was part of a set i was willing to give it a try,and was pleasantly suprised!The product itself is a light green colour,with a thick,sort of gel like consistency,which when rubbed in turns white and then clear.The bottle itself suggests that a thick layer should be put onto the feet and cotton socks placed over the top which is exactly what i do! Now, i am not saying i have had amazing results,but my feet do feel so much softer after i use it! I think if i was just to rub it in i don't think i would achieve such good results,but leaving it on all night really does allow the product to soak in well and make my feet much nicer!
The one big downside which puts me off using the product is the scent,which is quite strong! I do think it is quite a personnal choice though as my female housemates all seem to quite like it! It wouldn't neccessarily put me off the product all together as it does work it just is not an aspect that i particularly enjoy!
The product is available to buy in boots (here) or from soap and glory from their website (here). Heel genius is available in 125ml and is priced at £5.50

Have you tried this product?If so what are your thoughts?What is your favourite foot product?Let me know!

Love Kristina x

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  1. I never look at foot creams but recently my feet are in need of some TLC so I may have to nip in boots and have a look whats available x