Monday, 26 March 2012

Want To Get To Know Me?

Hello Everyone!

As i am heading home and hopefully will be able to test out some new products and do some new posts on them when i get back,i thought it would be fun in the meantime to do a quick Q & A style post so you could get a better understanding of who i am and what style and type of products i like! I asked my lovely followers on twitter to ask some questions and they sent some to me-i have added all their twitter accounts and where possible their blog addresses so you can go check them out they are amazing people!!

Q1. What got you interested in beauty?
A- i have got to be completely honest when i was younger i really did not understand the whole fuss of the beauty industry!However as soon as i got to college and became more independant i absolutely fell in love with looking at beauty promo pics and shopping for products that were mentioned in them or used in them!Those images completely made me obsessed with beauty!

Q2. What is your favourite hair product?
A-I think i mentioned this product quickly before,but i absolutely LOVE the V05 miracle concentrate!It has worked wonders on my hair and leaves it looking and feeling sleek,smooth and glossy!Great product which lasts absolutely ages even regularly using it and really cheap at around the £4 mark!

Q3. What inspired you to start your blog?
A- my biggest inspiration has to be other bloggers!for the last year or so i have become addicted to reading other people's blogs!I don't think a day goes by where i don't read at least one!As some of you may know,i am in the last year of university and i have quite a bit of free time and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use my love of beauty products in a productive mannor especially as i absolutely love reading other people's blogs!

Q4. How do you wear your hair-straight or curly?
A-my natural hair is wavy which in all honestly is not particularly nice,it has no particular look haha!On a day to day basis i tend to wear my hair straight,i try to save wearing my hair curly for nights out and special occassions!

Q5. Fake tan or no tan?
A-From some of my pictures you may be able to tell that i have very pale skin!so for me personally i tend to just wear fake tan on nights out,i don't feel comfortable wearing it on a daily basis,and in all honestly i actually quite like being pale!But i absolutely think fake tan can look fabulous on people!

Q6. What is a beauty trick someone has taught you?
A- using a small amount of washing up liquid on your hair when washing it, if you are finding your hair is getting greasy from product build up is definitely a top tip!I do not recommend at all doing this often but using a small amount on the odd ocassion works wonders!It leaves hair feeling lovely and soft again and stops it getting greasy so quick!

Q7.What is your most treasured make up possession?
A- I know a lot of people have it and it is not something which is overly expensive but it has to be my naked palette by Urban Decay!I use this on a regular basis,it travels everywhere with me and it was a product i wanted for so long so when i finally bought it,it was a great feeling!

Q8. How did you pick your blog name?
A-this is a bit of a funny story!I was talking to a friend about starting a blog and sying how nervous i was about it,and that i didn't know if people were going to like it or myself.My friend turned to me and said 'just be you...' and it sort of stuck in my head and it just went from there really!chessy but true!!

Q9. Where do you see yourself in a year?
A. This is a bit of a tough one as i am not entirely sure!I hope by that point i would have a job relating to my degree (forensic science!) and will still be doing the blog!I hopefully would have moved in with my boyfriend and maybe have a dog (wishing for a pug haha!)

Q10. What products are on my current wishlist?
A. I am going to put up a birthday wishlist hopefully in the next week as i am soon 21! But products i am currently really lusting for are the real techniques brushes, MAC eyeshadow in cranberry, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and the newly released PIXI collection that they collaborated with Disney with!

Here all my lovely twitter followers and their blogs who asked the questions if you would like to check them out (which i highly recommend you should!)

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I hope these have answered a few of your questions and you get a better understanding of me and what i like! I love getting to know you guys to sonlet me know some of your answers!
If you have anymore questions for me please leave a comment and i will answer them!!
Love Kristina x


  1. Great post hun. Thank you for the mention. xx

  2. Great post and thanks for the mention lovely.
    Love how you picked your blog name :)

  3. Wow never heard the tip about using washing up liquid on your hair before, might have to give it a try, my hair gets greasy quite quickly because I'm always using products to try and get some volume in my hair :) xx