Friday, 16 March 2012

Optibac Probiotics

Hi Guys,
Today's post is a little more of a lifestyle one but none the less i think you're gonna find it interesting (i hope :D!)
I was recently asked to give these Probiotic to try and i have been pleasantly surprised by the results!
As most of you will know the word Probiotic is usually associated with those yogurt style drinks (which i never have particularly liked to be honest!) but the Optibac Probiotics are actually in tablet form which meant for me i could still have whatever breakfast i fancied that morning and just take these alongside it. It made the whole process a lot quicker and easier in my opinion.
Optibac have a large range available of different probiotics to suit your own personal needs, such as "For Bowel Calm" and for " For Daily Immunity" and the ones i was given to try which were " For Daily Wellbeing" 

Optibac's website state that these probiotics are- "For daily wellbeing is an expert formula of 6 different probiotic species such as acidophilus, combined with prebiotics (food for the probiotics to flourish) to help maintain overall digestive health, immunity and energy levels on a daily basis."

Did They Work For Me? - It is difficult to say for definite if my digestive system,immune system and energy levels were increased by the probiotics themselves in just a month (which is how long i have taken these for). However, i haven't been ill at all during that month which would suggest to me that something must be going right   inside me!

The main positive outcome i have actually seen from taking these probiotics is that my skin has appeared much healthier! I have even had people compliment the fact that my skin appears more even and much healthier than it has been!

Overall, i do think that these are a brilliant way to try to incorporate healthy probiotics into your daily regime if,like me, you are not a fan of those drink style versions. The fact they are in tablet form makes the whole taking them procedure quick and easy and i personally have seen some good effects from taking them!

The probiotics for Daily Wellbeing are priced at £10.20 for 60 capsules which i think is a reasonble price for a month's worth of products!

The link where you can buy these probiotics from Optibac's website is : 

The link to where you can find more information about probiotic's and skin health is: 

Let me know if you have tried probiotics before! What were your thoughts? Would you give these a go?
Love Kristina x


  1. I actually really like the Actimel drinks, the strawberry flavour tastes just like strawberry yogurt. In comparison, I'm sure the drinks a more expensive - it's like £2 for 8 bottles - but I think I consider the drinks as a treat, rather than as something healthy. So I think I would probably stick with them rather than the pills. However, I do take vitamins and iron in pill form, and I know what you mean about how easy it is to incorporate a pill into your eating routine. It just becomes habit. Thanks for the post! Hope you see more improvement if you carry on! :)

  2. Hi Jo

    You're right about price - also worth mentioning though is the fact that the yoghurt drinks contain lots of sugar - so in terms of your health this can actually feed the bad bacteria in the gut!

    Absolutely though, if you're taking them as a treat - perhaps instead of dessert, then fair enough - Bon appetit ;)