Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Trip To London- Small Haul!

Thought i would write a quick post about my little adventure i took last Thursday up to London! I needed to try to cheer myself up as the last week has been terrible,so my sister and i grabbed the train up to London and had a wander around Regent,Oxford and Carnaby street!
I didn't manage to purchase that much as i don't have much money as my student loan doesn't come for another couple of weeks and also its soon my birthday and i have been given strict instructions to not buy too much incase people have bought things similar etc for present haha!
The few things i picked up were from Topshop and from their makeup collection which by the way is absolutely amazing in their Oxford Street store! I purchased two nail varnishes,one called Hypnotic which is a gorgeous silver with a pink/blue duochrome effect which is from their recently released 'Sisters of The New Moon' collection and the other colour is Razzmatazz! This shade is incredible as it is packed full of holographic and silver glitter!As far as i know,this is a brand new shade which has just been released and is part of their permanant collection!No doubt that NOTD's will be coming up with these!

Quick try of the colours!-Razzmatazz on the ring finger, Hypnotic on the others!

The other item i bought from Topshop is their kohl eye pencil in Coal which is black as i have heard wonderful things about it,and although i haven't actually had.a chance to try it on myself yet,when i swatched it instore it was really pigmented and super soft!

Topshop Kohl Eye Pencil In Coal (Black)

Even though i had hardly any money i had such fun swatching lots of different products!As you can see from my photos my hands were covered in all different colours! We went to all the different boots we could find, Selfridges- which is the most fun with the beauty hall,The MAC store on Carnaby street (which was packed!), and also managed to head to the PIXI store also on Carnaby street (which i was a tad disappointed in their customer service which put me off buying which is sad as the products looked lovely!) as well as all the different clothing stores in the area!
The beauty ladies at all the different stores were so lovely and i had to say especially the team at the Benefit on Carnaby street were so nice and we had such fun trying out all the products!

I had such a fun day and it really cheered me up!

I have a final question for you guys too! I really would like to invest in a YSL lip stain but i can only really afford to invest in one as they are around the £21 mark,i swatched a few colours i particularly liked but i would like to know which colour you prefer? Let me know in a comment below!
Which of these do you like best?

What are your favourite places to o in London?Where should i head to bect time i head up there?

Love Kristina x

Sister at the Illamasqua Counter-Loved It ALL!!

Carnaby Street MAC Store!-So Busy In There!!
Sunny Morning At Carnaby Street! Love It Here!
Regent Street!


  1. I am glad you had a lovely day. My hands constantly look like that, covered in some sort of make up. I can't decided which YSL lip stain to get either. You will have to let me know which one you invest in. x

    1. yes please let me know which one you choose! xx

  2. Great haul, hun! I love it. As far as the swatches, I believe the first or second would look AMAZING against your skin tone!

    1. thankyou!my faves are 1 and 4 but they are all so lovely! too many shades to decide! xx

  3. Glad you had a great time in London and it cheered you up :) I love the nail polish colours, they're so pretty! As for the YSL swatches the bottom two are my favourite. I think the red is such a lovely bright colour and will be great for the summer against your dark hair, but the pink at the bottom is a lovely more subtle colour that you could wear with pretty much anything :) xx

    1. thankyou! i really love the bright one too! there was a beautiful pale pink that caught my eye too! so many shades to choose from it is really difficult to decide as it is a bit of a pricey item so want to choose one i will use a lot! xx