Friday, 3 February 2012

MAC Shopping List!

Before i start i better explain that before the Viva Glam lipstick ( which i reviewed here) which i bought a few weeks ago and also the MAC PRO palette which arrived this week i did not own any MAC products! At home there is only one counter in the whole area you can get hold of their products and tbh it wasn't until recently at uni that i became so into makeup. However,as i started reading beauty blogs i soon clicked onto the fact they have a massive following and decided i wanted to try some!
After i tried the lipstick i have got to be honest i was hooked!So for valentine's day my boyfriend (after some persuasion) has agreed to get me a voucher so i can go buy some more :D!As we have decided also between us on a budget of £20 for our presents but i will no doubt be tempted and spend some of my own money at the MAC counter too!
So i thought i would create a " shopping list" of products i would like to buy, products which i have over the last week been recommended and also thought it would be a great way for you guys to tell me what you think of the products i will put on here and also other products you could suggest i look at while i am there :)!

Brule eyeshadow  pan
Woodwinked eyeshadow pan
All that glitters eyeshadow pan
Patina eyeshadow pan
Naked Lunch eyeshadow pan

Bare study paint pot

Lipstick- Saint Germain
Lipstick-Creme Cup


Mineralize skin finish natural-shade to be decided
  Obviously i won't be able to buy everything on this list at the same time but once i am at the counter i will be able to see for myself what the colour looks like ( as swatches online are never very exact!) and also if they suit me!

If you have tried any of these shades/products before or you think there are other products i should look at then please, please,please, leave a comment and let me know!
Love Kristina x

- All images were sourced and all the products mentioned are available from the MAC UK website (here



  1. I'd add Studio Scuplt Foundation and Select Moisturecover to the list :D I loved the MSF Natural and Naked Lunch and Brulee Eyeshadows

    1. i am going to ask to get colour matched for the foundation, thankyou for the recommendation :D! can't wait to look at all these eyeshadow colours! thankyou for the advice! xx

  2. Woodwinked is lovely. Patina is one of my faves! it works well with the colour Mulch x

    1. i really want patina! definitely the first one i am lookin at when i get there! woodwinked is going to be on soon, so will be at a lower price so may have to buy it when it goes live on there :D thankyou for the advice! xx

  3. Great list, I have a few of those already. Brulee is a great highlight colour ! x

    1. i have heard really good things about brulee! what are your favourite colours? xx