Sunday, 19 February 2012



If you follow me on twitter (@kbbeyoutiful) then you may have heard me mention that for the last week or so,i have been in my hometown of Maidenhead which is just outside of Reading. Currently, i am at uni in Stoke so to be able to come home for a little while is lovely!
I knew when i came back i would definitely go shopping as in reading we have shops such as h &m and house of fraser which aren't in Stoke! I was a little disappointed as there was not as much available as i was hoping,but i
did manage to find a few items!

First up,i went to Primark and managed to buy a new make up bag,which i was desparate for as i originally had this beautiful disney one from h&m (which as far as i know they no longer stock)but i broke the zip and so needed to replace it! The one i managed to get is okay,nothing amazing,but it is a lovely pink and purple colouring and on the inside it has 2 handy clear,zipped compartments so at least it is nice and easy to see all the products in there!The tag said it was £4 which i was fine with but when i got to the til it was down to £2 which was a bargain!
While looking for the make-up bag i also managed to find a blusher/face brush which is beautiful!!i absolutely love that it is a black and ponk colour scheme with the ends of the fibres being broght pink!Now i know that the brush is nothing amazing in its shape etc but i can not believe just how soft it is!definitely feels more expensive than the £1.50 i paid for it!Love it and wish i had picked another one up!
I also bought these eyelashes in a spur of the moment purchase!i can't argue really as they were a pound! they are lovely for a full lash look i just wish they were a little bit tapered,but that is just my preference! the glue they come with them is really good,they stick nice and easy,but they do stay sticky for quite a while so if you are in a rush these may not be best!
Finally from Primark i picked up these super cute pyjamas!Anybody who knows me will know i have a slight obsession with pugs so when i saw these i could not resist! i picked them up in a size large as i like my pjs baggy but to be honest i could have got away with the medium! They were £6-bargain!

I also stopped by at a MAC counter which i was so excited about and did say i was going to do in a previous post where i made a MAC shopping list!My boyfriend after some hinting bought me a house of fraser voucher for valentines which was so sweet of him,so i managed to use that to buy a few pieces! After your recommendations on here and twitter,i bought two eyeshadows, All that glitters and Patina! Both are beautiful neutral shades and i know i will be able to use them on a regular basis for say and evening looks!full reviews to come! Each were £10 and i bought them in the palette style so i could slot them into my pro palette!
Lastly i bought a lipstick in the shade 'angel', which i have read is apparently Kim Kardashians favourite shade!it is a beautiful neutral pink shade which has a beautiful sheen to it!love love love this colour! i didn't think about this colour prior to going to the counter but as soon as i saw it i loved it!

I have about £6 left on my voucher which i would like to use,any ideas what i could buy?i don't mind putting a bit of money towards it too!

Hope you enjoyed seeing this!Are there any new products you recommend i buy?!
Love Kristina x


  1. really cute stuff :) the mac shadows look pretty xx

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  2. Thanks for sending me through your link on twitter tonight! I can never resist a good mac lipstick they are amazing! Great purchases, I look forward to your future posts my lovely. xx

    1. I can't seem to resist them either haha!Thankyou for following!!xx

  3. PJs are so cute!
    you must get Mulsh eyeshadow next, it goes soooo well with Patina, pixiewoo show a tutorial of the two together, i may do a post soon to. x

    1. Oh god!I do love those PJs!!
      I shall have to hunt for the pixiwoo video!Thankyou for the heads up!xx