Sunday, 19 February 2012

Little Miracles Drinks

This post is a little different,but i couldn't resist blogging about these yummy drinks! A while ago on twitter i mentioned that i love green tea,and i was contacted by Little Miracles to head down to their press event for their new tea and fruit flavoured cold drinks,which unfortunately i was unable to attend. However,they were so nice to send me 2 samples of their drinks to try anyway which was really sweet! i was sent the 'green tea,gingseng,pomegranate and acai' and also the 'black tea,ginseng,peach and acai' flavours.
The green tea and pomegranate is my personal favourite!so refreshing and fruity! The flavour is nicely balanced and not too overpowering!I will definitely be stocking these up over the summer,these would be lovely in the sunshine!!
The second flavour, the black tea and peach is tasty too!i did find it sweeter than the other flavour,and i probably would not drink it so often for that very reason though.The black tea flavour is slightly stronger than that of the green tea when comparing the two flavours! If you are looking for a sweet drink i would say this one, and for a more thirst quenching drink i would say the green tea :)!
I honestly really enjoyed these drinks as i am such a fan of tea!They are brilliant flavours and rather good for you too!
These are currently being sold in waitrose, Morrisons, Asda and Holland and Barratt (selected stores) for £1.49 for 330ml, which is really rather reasonable.

Have you tried these before?What is your favourite type of drink?
Love Kristina x

These were sent as a PR sample,and as always i will be completely honest and the fact they were sent will never change my opinions!


  1. mmm the green tea one sounds lovely! Definitely going to give them a try :-)

  2. I keep eyeing these up to try, I always love trying the different drinks out there, I've tried many like this :D But I still always go back to my skinny water, love these sort of health drinks. :)

    1. go try these out they really are good! i keep meaning to try out the skinny water drinks, are they any good?xxx