Sunday, 5 February 2012

L'Oreal True Match Foundation-Review

Hi Ladies! 
Today's post is reviewing the L'oreal True Match Foundation which i use in the shade 'ivory'
I have to be completely honest, L'oreal make-up is not a brand i regularly buy from, and i really don't have a reason why i don't they just seem to pass me by which is crazy really when you think of how massive of a brand they are and all the PR they have! However, after seeing a number of people reviewing this foundation and saying how much they enjoyed it i thought it would be worth giving it a shot! It especially appealed to me as the name suggests it is supposed to colour match to the colour of your skin which is particularly useful to me as i am really pale and i do find it hard to find foundations that don't leave me looking orange!
At the time when i bought it Tesco's had it on offer at £6.99 but as far as i know that has now stopped,but it is available in a lot of other places such as boots and superdrug for around the £10 mark which is fairly reasonable for a foundation.
 The foundation itself is in liquid form, and is held inside a clear bottle which has a handy pump mechanism (usually 1 1/2 pumps does my whole face). The actual liquid is fairly runny so you do have to be careful when you pump it on to your hand that it doesn't drip off!
When applying the foundation i find that it is fairly streaky if you are using a regular foundation brush and you have to blend some areas in with your finger to make sure it is all smooth, but if you apply it with a buffing motion with a flat top brush it does apply better and less streaky! 
Also, if like me you have dry skin i will warn you that sometimes it does sit on top which makes the area appear drier which is another problem i have had with this foundation!

The colour which i chose is ivory which as far as i know is the lightest shade they do. The colour once blended into the skin does match fairly well and appears lighter than when first pumped out of the bottle. If i was being completely honest, i probably could do with a shade lighter as sometimes it can make my face look a little orange but it isn't a terrible colour match which i have had with some light coloured foundation in the past.
Product pumped from the bottle
The foundation blended into my hand !

Would I buy this product again?- Maybe, it is isn't the worst foundation i have tried but it definitely isn't perfect for my skin type/colouring.
Is it cost effective/worth the price?- I have had this product for about a month now and have used it most days and it is still going strong! Its a decent 30ml bottle so for the price that it is (RRP £9.99) and especially the price i got it (£6.99) it is definitely cost effective. As for it being worth the price i do think it is pretty reasonable and it is an okay product, but i would rather pay a bit more and achieve amazing results- that doesn't neccessarily mean it has to be a high end brand by the way - but for me paying £10 for an "okay" product just isn't worthwhile. 
Would I repurchase?- Although i haven't had terrible results from this product a only fairly minor problems with it, personally i don't think this product is best for myself so it is unlikely i would repurchase it!
  The hunt for the perfect foundation continues....

Have you used this product before? If so what are your thoughts? Are there any foundations you would recommend for me?
Love Kristina x


  1. I am the same as well, i tried it and found it was rather heavy on my skin sometimes which was horrible but then other days it would be really nice. guess it just depended on the skin condition and tone.

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  2. I have the same foundation its really great!! and natural!
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    1. ahhh it is interesting how varied the results are with this foundation! so glad you like the blog that has made me smile! xx

  3. I was thinking of trying this foundation, I've got slightly oily skin so I might get on with it a bit better. I love your ring in this picture! :-)

    1. yes i do this this would suit your skin type more! let me know how you get on with it! ahhh i love it to! i got it from primark years ago! xx

  4. I wasn't in love with this foundation i found it started to patch during the day even when using a brush & face primer. Nice review tho sweetie x


    1. yes the results seem to be very varied between each person! glad you like the blog! xx

  5. really want to try this but not sure:S would youu say its long lasting?:)

    1. hello! i wouldn't say it is the most long lasting foundationi have tried so if you are after one which is i would suggest maybe giving this one a miss! xx