Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A little Personal...

Hi Everyone,
Today's post i guess could be considered a little off topic as it isn't really to do with beauty products but it definitely effects my life on a daily basis and how i look so i thought i would share it with you. 
If you follow me on twitter (KBbeyoutiful) then you may have seen mentioning if people would like to read this post and i had an overwhelming positive response so here goes...
I suffer both with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and with depression- which for anybody wondering are completely unrelated to each other. Both of which have an impact in the way i live my life, but with time i have had to learn certain ways and techniques to deal with both of these problems.I thought it may be helpful to some if i would share with in a series of posts the symptoms i personally cope with and how i try to deal with them and also other topics which i have had to deal with in life, so maybe my thoughts might help somebody going through the same thing or just simply inform others who may not have the same problem but are still interested. 

First up i thought i would talk about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome so here goes...

PCOS is when usually 1) a number of cysts that develop on the edges of the ovaries, 2) the eggs fail to be released regularly by the ovaries and 3) there is an increased level of male hormones (typically testosterone). It does state however that not all 3 symptoms have to be detected for diagnosis to take place, but myself personally i do suffer with all 3. I had been having irregular periods for many years, in some cases up to 4-5 months apart but did not worry about it as at the time i kept thinking eventually they would become regular! In addition to this, i had noticed excessive hair growth and the speed in which it grew back was incredibly quick. Last year i finally decided to brave it to the doctors and after some blood tests and an examination at the hospital i was diagnosed with PCOS. At the time the doctor was really lovely and spoke to me thoroughly about the syndrome and it's effect, but after i was left slightly feeling i had not been left with ways to deal with such effects. 
The are some symptoms which problems i personally suffer with  which i have to try and control/ find ways so it does not worry me!
Firstly, excessive hair growth, i had been told there was little that could be done on the NHS (such as laser removal) so this personally is a major struggle!I can literally shave my legs and the next day it can be growing back through! It was one topic which i did get bullied on as a young girl- some girls used to say i looked like a man! It is a constant battle to keep on top of it and i am very paranoid especially in areas such as my face where i feel i can sometimes get very dark hair! I have tried a number of different techniques of hair removal-shaving,waxing , threading,creams but none have had brilliant effects so if any ladies have any suggestions to help this i would love to hear them please!! 
The long term worries i have with having PCOS, is the irregular period and the ease of increasing in weight gain (which can lead to further health problems). I have been prescribed various forms of the pill and so far none have worked to making my periods regular. At the moment, it is not something that effects me greatly, but i know when i am older it could effect my chances of having kids so i would like to hopefully find a way of resolving this -again any suggestions from you guys would be greatly appreciated! In addition to this, i do have to be cautious about the weight i gain, as there is an increased risk of diabetes and heart problem with having Polycystic ovaries. To try to overcome this i do try to maintain a healthy diet and i find it important that i go to the doctors regularly for blood tests just to keep on top of my health- i really recommend this to any lady suffering it helps so much to put your mind at ease!

It is important to remember that millions of women suffer with PCOS with varying effects for each woman, but there is a lot of information regarding symptoms and possible treatments to symptoms and also doctors regularly see ladies who suffer with PCOS (i have always had the nicest experience speaking to doctors/nurses about this subject,they have always been so nice!) so please don't ever feel there is nowhere you can turn to for someone to talk to and to gain information. If you think you are suffering with PCOS, i am in no way a medical expert but i do wish i had gone to the docs sooner to get it all the info i could, i would highly recommend you visit your GP for a chat!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask! I hope you have found this helpful! Please let me know any suggestions you may have! 
Love Kristina x

NHS UK -Polycystic ovary syndrome info - 
 BUPA info -
PCOS Support-


  1. I didn't really know a lot about PCOS, so thank you for sharing. I am interested to read your post about depression. my life has had to change a lot recently due to depression and its nice to know that I am not alone and hear how other people deal with it. Thank you for doing these posts. xx

    1. you don't have to say thankyou babe it is an absolute pleasure!If you ever need someone to chat to please let me know!xx

  2. Thanks for sharing this,its a good way of spreading awareness x

  3. Thanks for this. Was lovely to read about someone suffering from the same problems as me. Because of the effect PCOS has on your hormones it can leave you more susceptible to mental health disorders such as depression. Both me, my sister and my best friend all have PCOS with mine being the most mild (there must be something in the water!) my sister and my friend both suffer from depression and anxiety. The hair removal thing is such a nightmare that my best friend and I are turning it into a new business venture and training in waxing. What people dont realise is that the hair on someone with PCOS grows in so many different ways that removal needs more care and attention. I'm lucky because I can share my thoughts and feelings with people who really understand. If ever you need to chat about it let me know :-)

    1. Thankyou for such a lovely comment!! It is interesting you said about the hormones being linked to mental
      disorders,i have never been told that or thought of that before! Your situation is similar tl
      mine as my mum suffers with it as well as me! The business you speak of about hair removal sounds really interesting!please keep me informed of this i would love to know about it! xxx

  4. I have pcos also and found out about a year ago. It is a struggle to start with and I do get really moody sometimes but try to deal with it in other ways. People dont realise than more people have it than they think but just try to keep it in. Its nice that people talk about it and share their thoughts it makes it that bit better:)

    1. Thankyou for your comment!Glad you are finding ways to cope with it all babe!!It is definitely something that should be spoke about more as so many women do
      suffer with it!xxx

  5. Thanks for writing about this. It is good to hear other people's experiences. I suffer from a lot of these symptoms but am struggling getting a diagnosis :-( It really helps people like me to hear your story so thanks for sharing.
    Stace x

    1. You don't have to say thanks,it is an absolute pleasure!If you feel you may have PCOS please keep talking tl your doctor,it is important you find out!xxx