Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lush Bubble Bath- Christmas Eve

First off let me say i know Christmas is long gone and you may be wondering why i am blogging about this product, but i received a LOT of Lush products over Xmas and also bought a fair few in their sale! So i am slowly working my way through the products and thought you might like to see how i got on with this one!
This is what the product looked like when i bought it!
Bubble bar crumbled into the water!
Typically i would show you with my own image what the product looked like but i have actually used it before i started the blog so did not think to photograph it. The image above though is exactly what the product looked like. 
To use the product all i do is break off a reasonable size portion (i usually get 4-5 goes out of one bubble bar!) and crumble it into the running water of the bath. As the water runs down on top of the crumbled bubble bar it causes bubbles (a LOT of them!) to form and the water itself is transformed into the colour of the bar- in this case blue.
The scent of Christmas eve is predominantly floral, with the main note being Jasmine, which in all honesty is usually not my thing at all, but i find this scent just so relaxing! And on top of that i find that when i wet my hair in the bath water, later on in the day i can still smell the scent in my hair!

The finished bath
Is Christmas eve one of my favourite lush products-probably not, but it is enjoyable if you want a relaxing night in and i definitely think the scent means it is suitable all year round not just for Christmas. In addition to that i have found that the bubble bars from Lush are good value for money as you get more than one use out of them if you break them into segments! If you do this you can store them easier as well if you wrap them in clingfilm, which also stops any moisture getting to them!

I have a lot more products from lush which i collected over Christmas which i would like to review, however i am worried people may not want to read them as the majority of the products you can no longer get! If you would like to see more posts like this or a haul then let me know :D!

Have you tried this product before?What are your thoughts of Lush as a brand?
Love Kristina x


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  2. I love lush products i need to get me some more asap !!!



    1. i am slightly obsessed with them! so want to buy some of the valentines collection but have been restrained so far as i have so many xmas products to still use!xx

  3. i've never tried a bubble bar but i've heard great things about them. cute blog :) xx

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    1. you should! they are much more cost effective than the bath ballistics! and the bubbles are so nice :D! glad you like the blog :D xxx

  4. Oooh this looks lovely! I love lush products sooo much! Really need to get my hands on some more bath bombs! xxx