Monday, 30 April 2012

Real Techniques Brushes!

Hello Everyone!
If you like me are obsessed with the blogging community then you will have probably at somepoint read about these brushes already.

They have been created by the gorgeous Samantha Chapman, who is also one half of the amazing pixiwoo s! If you haven't heard of/checked then out before then you must go see their youtube channel with all their videos and their blog because they are make-up genuises!

The brushes themselves are available in numerous places around the world and within here in the UK they are available both online and in many Boots stores around the country (check out the pixiwoo blog for a full list of boots stores which stock them)

The range has both individual brushes for sale and sets which also come with a handy brush holder/ stand which is so handy! Also each of te brushes has a flat end which means they can stand up on their own, which is not something i have seen with any range of brushes before!
I picked up a mix of these and picked up the core collection set, the blusher brush and the shading brush which is for your eyes.
I am planning to do individual reviews on the brushes as i do have particular favourites but i thought this post would give you a quick overview of the brushes i bought, especially if you are considering buying them.
The brushes have each got colour co ordinated handles, with the colour identifying the area on the face where they are made for. However so many of these brushes i find are multi functional so i wouldn't restrict yourself to simply these specific areas when using them. The brushes themselves are made from taklon fibres ( synthetic) and are all cruelty free (bonus!!).

Without going into too much detail, i will say the brushes are absolutely fantastic quality and definitely value for money!

As i said i will be doing more individual reviews in the next couple of weeks but as usual please let me know what you think of these brushes- have you bought them?what are your thoughts on them?are you considering buying them?

Love Kristina x


  1. I love these brushes! I think my favourite definitely had to be the buffer brush though, genuinely amazing for foundation!! xx

  2. Great brushes! I pretty much only use exclusively RT now. Can't wait to try the 3 new ones. :) xx