Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner

First off everyone i have to say how sorry i am that i havent been able to blog for a little while now! I have been absolutely stressed and run off my feet with uni, but i have missed so much blogging and chatting to you guys!

Anyway, my last piece of written work is now handed in so hopefully i will be back in the swing of blogging more regularly!

Anyways, this post today is a quick one all about my absoloute new love, gel eyeliner! This one in particular is made by Estee Lauder and is part of their double wear range, which the foundation from this line is incredibly popular in the blogging community!

The eyeliner comes in the most lovely little blue box, so chic! The product itself is held within a small glass pot and a gold coloured lid with simply the Estee Lauder logo on the top,which looks so elegant alongside the rest of my makeup collection.
Inside, the gel eyeliner which i got in the shade Onyx (black) is a smooth, yet solid product.
The consistency is a little strange if you never have tried gel eyeliner before, however it is so smooth and so well pigmented when you apply it!

I currently use a benefit bent eyeliner brush which is particularly good alongside this product, but within the box is also a small little brush which is actually okay to apply the product especially if you do not currently have an eyeliner brush within your collection. (FYI i am absolutely dying to try the new real techniques eyeliner brush soon to be released!)

This product makes applying eyeliner so quick and easy, which is a major plus point as i am an eyeliner obsessive! You can achieve a really brilliant shape as the product is really smooth! Another major positive of this eyeliner is because it is part of the double wear range, it lasts for so long!Honestly i wear this all day long and not once have i had to reapply it (although if i am out at night i am slightly obsessive and will apply it again- even when there is no need really!)

I am absolutely mad about this product, as you may have guessed. from this post, but it is one of those products which has my daily routine so much easier!It's Love!

The eyeliner is priced usually at £14.50, but i managed to pick this up at Cheshire Oaks CCO for £11!

Have you tried gel eyeliner efore?what are your favourites if you have?

Love Kristina x

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  1. This looks so extravagant. I'd love to have this displayed on my dressing table!