Thursday, 12 April 2012

Topshop Eyeliner- Coal

Today's post is just a quick review of the Topshop Kohl eyeliner i recently purchased from my trip to London with my sister ( small haul post here)!
I picked up the black shade as i was desperate for a new basic black pencil eyeliner as previous ones have smudged like crazy! Ironically this shade is actually called coal!

I have used this a few times now and i have been rather impressed!Firstly the pigmentation is absolutely fantastic,it is a really pure black shade (which sounds silly but so many black eye products end up having such poor pigmentation!) and secondly the pencil itself is so soft, meaning you do not scratch your eyes or push hard to achieve a good colour!
I personally love using black eyeliner and have tried this on the lid as a base, as a liner on the top and bottom lids and also in the water line and i was pleasantly suprised with the staying power in each use. The bottom liner did smudge the first time i used it,but i used a primer underneath the next time i used it and it didn't budge!

I will definitely be picking up more of these and i hope they will be bringing out more shades!The brown is definitely next on my shopping list to buy!
The only negative i have about this product and also with a lot of the topshop products is the packaging. It is a really pretty pattern and is so lovely at the start with the white and black scheme,but after using it repeatedly for a while the white packaging ends up looking a bit doety. It's not the biggest problem in the world but me being slightly obsessive about my products,it does bother me a little!
Overall i would most definitely recommend picking up one of these to try,as it is brilliant quality,black eyeliner is such a staple product in anybody's make up set and the price is brilliant at just £4 available from the Topshop website here!

Have you tried any of the topshop products before?What is your favourite eyeliner products?
Love Kristina x
Myself wearing the Eyeliner!

More Pics of the Eye pencil! 


  1. OH WOW! such an intense eye pencil looks great! So hard to find one these days. I use a herbal eye pencil called eyecature you can buy it from arabic shops! xx

    1. oh wow! will have to have a look for the one you mention! It is so tough like you say to find good eyeliners but this is definitely one of them! xx

  2. Finding an eyeliner with staying power is so hard! I feel like every time I buy one, I get let down lol

  3. You look gorgeous lovely. I haven't tried this yet, I am slowly working my way through the Topshop make up. I have loved it all so far. Definitely recommend the cream blushes and the lipsticks. x

    1. Thankyou! I really want to try the cream blushes, what are your favourite shades?xx

  4. Love your blog, new follower with bloglovin' :) xx