Friday, 20 April 2012

Japonesque Brushes

This post is about 3 brushes which i have from the brand Japonesque. This brand may not necessarily a brand a lot of people know, but within the makeup industry they are well loved, with make up artists around the world using their brushes and tools.

I recieved from Japonesque 3 brushes from their travel collection, which the brand state are the same quality brushes as their main line of pro brushes, just with shorter handles making easier to travel. The brushes i have are called 'blush brush', 'angled brow definer' and 'smudger brush', with all 3 being made of natural fibres.
The first thing i noticed and absolutely loved about them all is the packagaing. It's fantasically informative, with great descriptions and even an image to show you the best way to use the brush. Also, the quality of the box and the style of the packaging makes the product feel very high end (and what girl doesn't love that!)
Lovely Travel Eyebrow brush!

I have been using all 3 brushes for a little while now and i have thoroughly enjoyed them all. All 3 are super soft but still dense meaning you really can work the product into the area, but in no way aggravates the skin. I particularly love the angled brush as it allows me to fill in my brows, but leaves them still looking natural and not overdone.

The one area of the brushes which in my opinion i would change if i could, would be slightly longer brush handles. It's just my personal preference but i do prefer using brushes with slightly longer handles than these. However, i completely understand these are produced for travel and therefore the shorter handles are perfect for this, and these brushes will be really handy when travelling to and from university. It just means in the future, if i order some more brushes i will get the pro long range, as the quality of brush as previously mentioned will be the same, just with my preference with a longer handle.

I have always believed that if you are willing to spend a lot of money on makeup products, it is always better to have beauty tools and brushes which are a decent enough standard to get the best out of them. That doesn't necessarily mean you need the most expensive, or simply buy ones because it is a well known brand,but fantastic quality brushes can make such a difference in the results you achieve with your makeup!
The brushes i have from Japonesque are a great quality and this particular range is brilliant for those whole frequently travel. I would thoroughly recommend them, and say that although they are not a brand you may have heard of, they are worth investing in.

The gorgeous travel blusher brush!
They are not neccessarily the cheapest brushes available, with the 3 brushes i have ranging from £10.75-£24.00, but the quality of these brushes really do make them a worthwhile investment.

The travel range of brushes are available in the UK in Boots, and also from the Japonesque website.

Have you tried any Japonesque brushes before? What are your thoughts on brush prices?

Love Kristina x

The lovely people at Japonesque kindly sent these brushes for me to try. However this in NO way changes my opinion in the products and i will always be honest and truthful with my followers.
Blusher brush up close
Smudger brush up close

The gorgeous packaging! So Sophisticated
Really handy directions and images on the back of the packaging
All 3 brushes
All 3 Brushes Up Close


  1. The brushes sound great, heard a lot about them! I will eventually get round to purchasing at least one! :D

  2. have heard so many good things about these brushes lately. they sound really nice xxx

  3. These are sooo tempting! I keep seeing them in Boots then looking at the price aha!

    I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. Link below if you're interested!