Saturday, 28 January 2012

Nicki Minaj Collaboration with OPI!

After reading the hype around the new collection of OPI nail polishes designed by Nicki Minaj (who happens to be one of my favourite artists!) i knew i had to them out! However at around £10.50 (!) for each full size bottle of polish it looked as if it was a test which i would not be able to afford. 
This all changed after doing a bit of an internet search and discovering that OPI have created a 'mini's' collection consisting of 4 x 3.75  ml bottles with the colours Fly (Teal Blue), Pink Friday (Pastel baby pink),Did it on em ( Bright Yellow/Green) and Metallic for Life (Black with silver glitter).
 I managed to purchase a pack of the mini's off 
which are currently being sold at £12.75 which is a much more purse friendly option!

(From L-R -Did It On Em,Fly,Pink Friday,Metallic For Life)

Individual NOTD posts will be done as i try each of the colours and the consistency of the shades,but to be honest the excitement as i opened the packaging and saw the amazing bright colours has made the £12.75 price tag worth it!

Love Kristina


  1. All the colours are really cute! They are defiantly something i would wear! but i'll leave them for my mum to get me ;) Great blog followed! Im a uk beauty blogger too! :')


  2. they really are beautiful in person!there is a colour called 'save me' which i am desperate to try but will definitely have to hope someone buys it for me haha!thankyou so much for following,just followed yours too!
    Kristina x

  3. The metallic looks like a lovely colour! Great post:) Love opi x

  4. hollie i am so glad you like the post!please feel free to become a follower of the blog,as i said there will be individual NOTD posts coming up so you will get to see what the colours are like on :)! (so far the metallic is my favourite too :)!) x

  5. i love these polishes :) just wrote about Metallic for Life! x Also love the name of your blog!

  6. I really want to get these polishes!! I never finish full size bottles so I think minis are definitely the way to go xx

    1. they really are colours i would love to own in the full sizes as i know i would use them regularly,but as a student i cant justify spending £10+ on a nail varnish when i know there are high street brands which are cheaper and just as good quality! but i do think these mini collections are a brilliant way of trying them :)xx

  7. kia-thankyou so much haha it took ages to think of!xx