Sunday, 29 January 2012

Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hi Girls!
This topic of product is one which gains a lot of blog post space in the blogging community and that is hot cloth cleansers! A number of well known blogs rave about such products and the results they achieved and the brand which receives the majority of these compliments is Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I personally have been wanting to try a hot cloth cleanser as i am  prone to dry skin and have heard that they are particularly good at balancing out this type of problem. However, after inquiring online about the Liz Earle cleanser it quickly came apparent that unless someone bought it as a gift there was no way i could afford to regularly buy this product as it retails for around the £12-13 mark. 
Shortly after this after reading online i stumbled upon the fact that superdrug do their own version of the product in their vitamin E skin care line. I checked their website (here) and saw the price was £5.99 i knew i had to have it! 
The product itself comes boxed and holds inside a single muslin cloth and a 200ml bottle of  the cleanser ( as can be seen below) 
The Products
The product itself is a thick,white cream which i apply to you face without any water (at least once a day- at night to take my makeup off, but often i do it in the morning aswell!). You then massage in circular motions all across your face for at least a minute. By this point the cream tends to go clear,and when i am wearing makeup i can actually see the makeup melting into it! After this, you take the muslin cloth and rinse it in hot (not boiling!) water and use this to wipe away all the cleanser!
Once i have done this i tend 

The cleanser straight out of the bottle
to cool my face down with some cold water and pat it dry!

I have been using this product for nearly three weeks now and i have personally had great results from it! my skin is a lot smoother,i'm finding i have fewer breakouts and my skin appears less dry! Now because i  have never tried the Liz Earle cleanser so i can not compare, would i like to try that product?- yes, but if like me you are on a budget and would like a more affordable version which can give good results then this superdrug version is definitely worth a go!
Have you tried a hot cloth cleanser before?If so,which one? Did you see any results?
Love Kristina x


  1. I use the number 7 one. It's double the size of the Liz Earle one- it comes in a great pump bottle and it's only a tenner! Oh and if you have a No.7 voucher then it's only a fiver and it's really great! :D xxxxx

    1. yes i have heard of the number 7 one,but i have had very mixed results with their skincare line so was cautious to try it! have you had good results? was reading today apparently soap and glory do a version of it too! xx

  2. I've done reviews on most of this range! The offer they were on was SO good!

    1. i was literally just reading your post about it :D! i dont know if the offer is still on in store i checked online and its not :/, if it is i will defo stock up on some more! this product is brilliant! x

  3. Sounds interesting, i've never seen this in my local Superdrug, so might keep a look out.
    I've used Liz Earle for just over a year. They are a little pricey, i'll admit but they are worth it!

    Check out my review..

  4. i didn't know it existed either! just started to notice a few people blogging/tweeting about it and then by chance i saw it in my local store! i really would love to try the Liz Earle one but with my current student budget i can't afford to buy it often enough for regular use :(!
    Heading over to your post now :)!