Saturday, 28 January 2012

M.A.C. Eyeshadow-Help!

Right ladies i really could do with some advice!
I have purchased a M.A.C. pro palette which can hold 4 eyeshadows (available from mac uk official store or where i ordered mine Debenhams Online ). I wanted it so that i can have a portable palette i can carry eady from home and uni with all the staple day and night neutral colours!however i have not yet bought a MAC eyeshadow before (shocking i know!),so i am slightly unsure of what colours are considered the best/give the best colour pay off/best multitaskers? After a bit of research it seems popular colours are woodwinked,vanilla,all that glitters,but this is where your help is much needed,if you have any recommendations of colours you like or gave had good results with please could you let me know? either contact me via email or directly on this blog or even twitter (username kbbeyoutiful)!
 I am really looking forward to what you suggest!
 Love Kristina x


  1. I bought a quad for christmas ( and recieved Eyeshadows as gifts ) out of the four my faves are Brulee and Naed Lunch xx

    1. ahhh that is a good idea! might hint to the boyfriend for a valentines present ;)! Thankyou for the help with the colours i am going to have a look at them right now :D! x

  2. I recently bought a quad and a full 15 palette, here is the link to what i bought:

    My favourites are All that Gliters, Naked Lunch (my all time fave!), Cork, shroom (a great highlight, better than vanilla) and soba.

    They are all grey browns and blending colours and perfect to start out with. I did alot of research and found amazig reviews on them and they suit my skin tone :) i really want woodwinked though ive heard such amazing things about it lol.

    xoxo Loren
    Ps i really like your blog! :)