Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pamper Pack

Hello Everyone!
This post is all about the Montagne Jeunesse new travel pack of goodies which i was kindly sent by the brand to road test. 

The set is a booklet containing sachets of a number of different products which as the name suggests have been put together in this set for people on the go or are off travelling. 

The pack contains:
1 x Skin Smoother (10g)
1 x Passion Peel Off Masque (10ml)
2 x Body Wash (15 ml each)
1 x Foot Cooler (10ml)
1 x Intensive Spa Hair Masque (15ml) 

I have to say the packaging containing each of these sachets which is a booklet style is a brilliant idea and definitely suits the travel theme which this product is targeted at. By containing the sachets neatly away allows the owner to pack them both securely and easily within their luggage. In addition, the small and compact packaging means that it won't take up a large amount of room within the individuals luggage. 

The range of products within the set are particularly good as they have all major areas covered,meaning the individual taking this set away with them does not have to worry about a large number of different full size products with them. I personally do always take a larger shower gel and shampoo/conditioner with me when i travel as i tend to use a large amounts of each,but for a weekend away this set would be perfect.

Both the masque and the scrub are nice addition to the set as they are both products i personally don't generally pack when i am travelling if i am taking full size or even travel size products away. However as they are in the pack alongside other typical travel products i would definitely make use of them and would allow me to have a pamper session while away

My personal highlight of this set is definitely the foot cooler. While away on holiday i suffer badly with becoming overheated and can often start to feel bad from being too hot. This product is brilliant as once applied it leaves your feet feeling really cool and fresh. I wish this product would be available in full size which it currently isn't , however having it in a sachet that i can travel with is really handy as i can use it on the go and apply it if the situation arises that i feel that i need to cool down.

Overall although there are some products in this set which aren't neccessarily products i would think of taking away with me travelling, i think there are some real gems within the set and definitely worth purchasing if you are going away travelling. It is a set which is really practical and handy for packing and also allows the owner not to have to take away lots of different bottles of products away with them. 

The set is available from the Montagne Jeunesse website for £5.00 which i think is a reasonable price for the variety and number of products you recieve within the set.

Love Kristina x

I have to say that I have always said that no matter if i purchase a product with my own money or if i am sent it, that each and every review will be honest and all my own opinion, which is the case with this review also.


  1. I love this companies products. Still can't believe the company is just down the road from me. xx

  2. If I go away this summer, I'll pick one of this packs up, I've found the pamper pack they do for £3 in Morrisons £2 cheaper than their site D:


  3. You have a lovely blog, I am a new follower!
    This is a great post, I love face masks!

    Natasha Carly x