Friday, 18 May 2012

Best/Worst Soap and Glory Products

I have been for the longest time been a massive fan of the brand Soap and Glory. I love the branding of the whole range and I think that over the years as the brand has become more popular, they keep getting better. I personally have products which i repeat purchase and i absolutely love, but through trying out the range there has also been the odd occasion where i just have not enjoyed a few of their products. I thought i would give you a quick overview of both my personal favourite/least favourite products from the brand.
 As a bit of a warning, these will not be full reviews of the products, just a quick thought of what i think of the product and the results i achieved while using them. I also will let you know that in this post although i will be discussing products i have disliked, it is no way meant to be offensive to the brand, i just feel it is better to be honest about the thoughts of the products and be honest with you readers. Please bear in mind that although i may have brilliant or bad results with a product, each person using it will achieve different results, so something that might not work for me,may do for you and vice versa. So lets begin....


First up i have to mention my absolute favourite Soap and Glory product which is the AMAZING body butter called " The Righteous Butter". This product sinks in so quickly, leaves my skin so smooth and the scent is incredible. I love using this product both in the day when my skin is feeling dry and putting a thicker layer on at night and letting it sink in while i sleep. I can not recommend this product enough and it is one which i will repurchase over and over again!

Next up, and a close contender for my absolute favourite product is "The Breakfast Scrub". This is a body scrub which again smells absolutely incredible. It has the scent of porridge/banana and i could just eat it (although i highly recommend you don't actually do that!) If like me, you suffer with dry skin, then this is THE product i would recommend as the large granular/scrub piece size means you really can make your skin smooth, without it being too abrasive. Also with this and the righteous butter, the pots the product comes in are fairly large so the product lasts for a long time....bonus!

Sticking with the body products, another favourite of mine has to be the shower gels. I haven't yet found a scent/type of shower gel by Soap and Glory which i haven't enjoyed. I particularly like that they are super foaming, smell amazing ( you may start to see that the scent of the products are a major positive with a lot of Soap and Glory products!) and also they do not dry my skin out at all. They nearly all come in 500ml size bottles with a pump meaning they are really easy to use and last a long time. I could not recommend these enough!

Lastly in my best products list has to be "Scrub Your Nose In It", which is a scrub and a mask. I use this on my t-zone area as i suffer with large pores, and both using this product as a scrub or a mask in this area has left the pores both smaller and clearer. I actually also enjoy the scent of this product, which is different to all the other Soap and Glory products as it is a mint smelling product. I just think if you are like me and are often in a rush this product is brilliant as it is such a multi-tasker!

This section was particularly difficult to decide on as there have been so few Soap and Glory products which have really disappointed me, but the next three products are ones i found did not produce good results.

First up is "Clean Mary" which is described as a cleansing milk. I personally just did not get on with this product, as it is so watery and in a liquid state it is particularly difficult to use quickly,i did not enjoy the scent and it did not leave my skin feeling clean. I personally prefer cleansers which are slightly richer and a thicker consistency, so this product is definitely one which i will not be repurchasing.

Next up is a hair care product by the brand called "Glad Hair Day Conditioner". I have to admit this was the first and only hair care product i have used from this range and i was SO disappointed. I have given it multiple attempts of using it and each time my hair did not feel conditioned and it did not leave my hair looking glossy or smooth which i expect from a conditioner. Will not be repurchasing this product as there were so little positive results achieved .

Last up is a Soap and Glory product which i have a complete love/hate relationship with! The "Sexy Motherpucker" Lipglosses are the first cosmetic product i used by the brand. I have to admit i was completely drawn to buy it when i saw the name of the product...So funny! The shades are lovely and they do look fantastic on the lips once applied, but the problem i have with these is are that they are SO sticky! They are tacky both to apply and once on the lips which completely puts me off using them which is so disappointing. Also another aspect of these are they have a strong tingling sensation once applied, which personally i do not mind but i am aware that this is something that may put others off. I just feel that for the price (approx £9) i could purchase a gloss which i enjoy using more.

So there we go guys! As i said this is in no way offensive to the brand as i really enjoy using the majority of their products! Also really sorry about using images from the brands website, i am finishing university this week so the majority of my products are boxed up so i could not photo them, but i really did want to do this post!

I really would like to hear your thoughts on the products i have mentioned and also the products from Soap and Glory which you have used and liked or disliked! Please comment below and let me know!

Love Kristina x


  1. The breakfast scrub is my absolute fave! Yum! Really great post to read :) x

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! I've never actually used anything from this brand so I might give some of those things you mentioned a go :)

  3. I agree with all the loves and hates. The hair products don't do anything good and the lip gloss is okay, but I've had cheaper betters! The foot cream is also bad. But other than that i love it all.

  4. Great post. I totally agree with you. Ive found that all of the lip products Ive tried from Soap and Glory have been way too sticky to use very often. I really love Hand Food from S&G as well. Its hands down the best hand cream Ive used :) xx

  5. you have a lovely blog, great ideas! would you like to follow each other?

  6. I agree with what you say about the conditioner and lip gloss!
    I love all their other products!

    Natasha Carly x

  7. It’s kinda interesting. i really enjoyed reading this.

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  8. I really want to try Breakfast club, would you say the smell sticks with you all day?:-)
    - From Annie ToadRoad