Monday, 14 May 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Hero Masks


Today's post is all about the new range of Montagne Jeunesse face masks. I have regularly used their face masks since i was a teen and had good results so i was intrigued to try the new range and see what they were like too!

The range consists of:
- T-Zone Peel Off
- Shine Control
- Dry Skin Mask
- Break Out Mask
- De Clog Pores Nose Strips

I think firstly the fact the range now consists of masks which specifically targets particular skin care needs is great as i know many people can be wary of generic skin care products as they don't target specifically their needs. I personally have dry skin so the dry skin mask is the one in which i recieved the best results, with refreshed and smooth skin, whereas the others had less decent results, but this is because my skin do not necessarily have the problems in which they are targeting.

The nasal pore strips which are also in the range are brilliant if you do sufffer with visible pores on your nose. As the pack has 3 strips within the set both myself and my friend tried them and as i suffer badly in this area with pores, i found the results from using the strips were fantastic, whereas my friend found they did not produce much change for her. However, she doesn't particularly suffer with visible pores so i think this is a product which really justs benefits individuals which regard visible pores a problem area wothin their skincare.

Something else which is fairly unique to these products are that the sachets are split into two sections. One contains the mask itself, and the other contains a complimentary moisturiser which i found gave the extra boost to make the skin feel refreshed.

The products come in individual sachets, which means they are handy for travelling and storage. A particualr use which i think is lovely is to have a set of these for girls sleepovers/ parties! Also, the products are all suitable for vegetarians and the brand do try to use as many natural products as possible which means they are suitable for anybody which have particular requirements for products to be suitable for vegetarians!

I have to admit i am a complete sucker for high end brands and luxurious skincare, so i am always wary of less expensive brands, but i honestly did enjoy using these and although they are not neccessarily practical for regular use as they are in single sachets, i would definitely use them again as they are affordable and would be useful for travelling.

The Skin Heroes range is available in the UK at ASDA.
For more info about the Montagne Jeunesse range check out their website:

Have you tried these or any products from this brand?Or are you a die hard high end brand fan?
As usual let me know your thought!!

Love Kristina x

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent these for reviewing purposes, but that in no way at all changes my thoughts on the brand/ products. As always i will be honest with my opinions!

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