Monday, 28 May 2012

A Much Needed Apology..

Hello Everyone,
As many have you have noticed,the blog has been particularly quiet and few updates/posts have been uploaded. I feel incredibly guilty that i have let things slide on here and not given you amazing followers and readers new material. As of this week i have officially finished university,which has both been stressful and somewhat upsetting. Finally finishing university meant that the last couple of weeks i have not put as much time into the blog as i have been both busy completing uni work and packing but also spending quality time with the friends i have made there.
Now back at home i will be able to put the time and effort into the blog as much as i would like again and i am very excited to be able to do so.
Once again i apologise whole geartedly that i have been quiet both on the blog and on twitter (Kbbeyoutiful) and i hope you can understand the reason why i have been.
If you have any requests for anythj g you would like to see on the blog PLEASE contact me or leave a comment and let me know!

Love you all!
Thankyou for your ongoing support!
Kristina x


  1. You shouldn't have to apologise hun. It's your blog and you can update it when you want to. Sometimes other things in life have to take priority. I'm struggling to write posts myself at the moment too, it's just too god damn hot to sit in doors and write :(

    1. Completely agree with Pampered Prince. x